SHY Martin
Photo by Hampus Hjellström

SHY Martin releases a music video for her “Lose You Too” single

SHY Martin is an indie-pop singer-songwriter from Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Lose You Too” single.

SHY Martin – “Lose You Too”

“If I say it loud, would it make it real? And if you go now, would I feel anything? When you’re out on the weekends, catching up with your old friends, do they ask you ’bout how we’ve been? When you’re walking home, do you think of me?” – lyrics

The Hampus Hjellström-directed video finds Martin on stage at one of her three shows. The following scenes show footage of her interacting with fans, traveling with her entourage, and chilling backstage. 

Not too long ago, she released two music videos for her “Forget to Forget” and “Good Together (Acoustic)” singles.

SHY Martin – “Forget to Forget”

“I feel the ending before it even starts. My jacket’s under the table, your sneakers are right where they usually are. We’re a touch away from naked, one touch from never changing. We know we shouldn’t but we’re always letting us down.” – lyrics

The Andreas Öhman-directed video finds SHY Martin in a pink fur coat contemplating exiting her contaminated relationship with her significant other. But doing so is harder than she expected. Their chemistry keeps them together, and they forget why they shouldn’t be together.

SHY Martin – “Good Together (Acoustic)”

“I’ve been working on myself and on my patience. But sometimes that sh*t don’t come easy. And I see you’ve been trying your best to give me explanations. But words don’t really cut it lately.” – lyrics

The Hampus Hjellström-directed video finds Martin performing in a spacious room. Also, a musician, seated behind her, plays a keyboard.

In conclusion, Martin is a talented singer. Therefore, we recommend adding her singles to your personal music playlist.

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