DARUMAS – “Daruma” press photo

DARUMAS releases a Lovely Debut Single, “Daruma”

DARUMAS (@darumasband) is an electrifying trio composed of multi-talented musicians Aldana Aguirre, Ceci Leon, and Vedala Vilmond. Not too long ago, the band released a lovely funked-up Latin pop debut single, “Daruma,” written and recorded by three multi-talented female musicians embarking on a live musical journey together.

DARUMAS – “Daruma” (Official Music Video)

A breath of fresh air, “Daruma” introduces the inspiration behind the DARUMAS band name, drawing inspiration from the Japanese luck charm, symbolizing perseverance and the fulfillment of wishes. True to their name, DARUMAS aims to imbue their music with the same spirit of resilience and positivity that the Daruma embodies.

“Daruma” contains a message of hope, resilience, and love, just like their band name. The song, written and recorded at 5020 Studios in Miami, shares the universal experience of longing and hope, inviting listeners on a journey together: “longing for a better world… health, money, lots of love… and some adventure.” From the infectious rhythms to the soulful vocals, “Daruma” is a testament to DARUMAS’ artistry and vision.


DARUMAS – “Daruma” press photo

“Darumas is a breath of fresh air for the music industry. Three women, musicians, with an enormous talent that bring an artistic proposal very different from everything else out there. The greatest artists are characterized by being unique and different from the rest. Aldana, Vedala, and Ceci can proudly boast just that, a sound and style of their own, and with an electrifying live performance, they leave no one indifferent. Their debut is good news for any music lover.” – stated Alex Gallardo, President of Sony Music Latin

“Darumas is a band formed by three amazing girls,” Vedala emphasized. “We are three musicians from different parts of the world,” Aldana shared. “And [we are from] three very different backgrounds,” Ceci stated. “[We] are all inspired by similar music, and trying to create something new with one another.”

DARUMAS brings together Aldana, a sought-after bassist from Argentina, who has shared the global stage with acts like Karol G, Luis Fonsi, and Fonseca; Ceci, a vocalist from Miami with Cuban roots and a penchant for R&B, also captivates audiences with her electrifying guitar skills, seamlessly blending soulful melodies with fiery riffs; and Vedala, the mesmerizing voice of the group, hailing from Haiti and living in Chile. The mosaic of their cultural influences and musical styles promises a musical experience like no other.

DARUMAS – “Daruma” single

DARUMAS – “Daruma” cover art

DARUMAS embarks on an infectious new musical journey together. The band blends the sounds across their diverse musical roots – Latin funk, pop, and a touch of old-school charm. DARUMAS is signed with Sony Music Latin for recordings, Walter Kolm Entertainment for management, TBA Agency for touring, and FRAZES CREATIVE for publicity partnerships.

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