Kenya Vaun -  “The Honeymoon Phase” press photo
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Get Ready to be Swept Away by Kenya Vaun’s Brand New Album, “The Honeymoon Phase”

Kenya Vaun (@kenyavaun) is a talented singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not too long ago, she released a spectacular new album, “The Honeymoon Phase,” via 300 Entertainment. Opening up the world of this body of work, she also presented the cinematic Philly-based music video for her “Yesterday” single, which revolves around an uplifting piano melody and thick bass groove, urging listeners to reminisce about an easier time. 

Kenya Vaun – “Yesterday” music video

“I remember when I was young and irresponsible. I tried to do the things haters said would be impossible. But I wanted more so fatefully I chased it blindly. I wanted to soar so I let go the pain behind me. (Hey…) Could never afford sh*t now I’m living gorgeous and my family supporting (Oooh). I know what’s important, live life to the fullest, stay on point like a bullet. And we live careless, not a bill to pay in a world we call our own. Oh, it was all so simple, where’d the time go?” – lyrics

Kenya Vaun’s soulful vocals and uncontainable honesty wade through the good, the bad, and the unexpected. Her vocals echo with raw emotion as she gets introspective, “Feels like it was only yesterday.” The visual takes viewers through notable landmarks in her hometown of Philadelphia. With great passion, Kenya sings, “If I had a chance to do it again, I’d do it the same. The joy and the pain. The coldest of winters, the summertime rain. No, I wouldn’t change none of my yesterdays.”

Kenya Vaun – “End Of The Day” [Official Lyric Video]

Kenya leans into her high register on “End of the Day.” The song climaxes on an anthemic hook as she sings, “At the end of the day, I won’t force you to stay.”

Kenya Vaun – “Summer” (feat. Musiq Soulchild) [Official Visualizer]

The legendary Musiq Soulchild pulls up on a new remix of Kenya’s fan favorite “Summer.” He and Kenya lock into a fascinating harmony as they break down the generational divide for R&B, uniting eras, and styles in the process.

Kenya Vaun – “One Of Them Days” [Visualizer]

On “One Of Them Days,” Kenya laments an undeserving ex over an off-kilter drum pattern. In a moment of reluctant acceptance, she exhales, “It must be one of them days.”

Kenya Vaun – Halfway [Official Lyric Video]

Heavenly synths surge beneath “Halfway” punctuated by a mantra-like refrain, “Listen to your body.”

Kenya Vaun – Butterflies [Official Lyric Video]

Kenya’s vocals flutter through “Butterflies” accented by gentle acoustic guitar and ethereal synths.

Kenya Vaun – “Used To” [Official Video]

Turning the page to another creative chapter, “Used To” evokes ’90s vibes with its soulful undercurrent. The track revolves around a sample of “Sitting in the Park” by Billy Stewart. Over this throwback soundscape, Kenya Vaun delivers a soulful and nostalgic love song that showcases her unparalleled vocal versatility. She weaves a narrative that transcends eras while paying homage to the enduring spirit of classic love stories. Her dynamic delivery and heartfelt lyrics invite listeners to immerse themselves in the warmth of a bygone era, where love was pure, passionate, and stood the test of time.

Download “The Honeymoon Phase” album

Kenya Vaun -  “The Honeymoon Phase” cover art

“This [album] is my own perception of ‘The Honeymoon Phase.’ Throughout the EP, I cover the bases of self-love, the beginning phase of starting to like someone, the good and the bad of being with someone, and even falling out with someone. I wanted to highlight all parts of what comes with ‘The Honeymoon Phase’ and the different types of love that exist.” – Kenya Vaun explained

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