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Kenya Vaun Drops her “Strike 3 Freestyle” Single featuring Hunna G

Kenya Vaun (@kenyavaun) is a talented singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not too long ago, she released a melodic R&B single, “Strike 3 Freestyle,” featuring producer Hunna G (@hunnagbeats).

Kenya Vaun – “Strike 3 Freestyle” featuring Hunna G (Official Lyric Video)

“Trust me, you’ll see when I get through with you. You had me fallin’, was all in, now I know the truth. Either me or you, but I won’t lose my cool. Got me day drinkin’, I’m leavin’, but my heart is bruised. Still got this marijuana I saved for you and I’m ’bout to puff this sh*t down like we used to do. Love you, but I guess this goodbye, no more ‘see you soon.’ Know you don’t have any clue what you ’bout to lose. I guess you not that educated, better ask your crew. I’m a different situation, but that’s news to you.” – lyrics

“Strike 3 Freestyle” opens with a poignant verse that sets the tone for the entire track, “I’m just ’bout to make a move, tired of the lies and playin’ games with you.” This line encapsulates the duality of heartbreak, perseverance, and self-realization—illustrating the singer’s determination to rise above adversity despite being let down repeatedly.

Vaun uses vivid imagery to depict the aftermath of a failed or failing relationship, highlighting the paradox of finding clarity and strength in moments of vulnerability. This powerful message will resonate with many listeners, as it reflects the universal experience of personal growth following emotional turmoil.

Overall, “Strike 3 Freestyle” is a compelling song that captures the essence of human resilience. The song’s relatability and emotional depth make it a standout piece, inviting listeners to find solace and strength in its lyrics.

“Tell me what you want before I make my own assumption”

Kenya Vaun - “Strike 3 Freestyle” cover art

“Got some news, just take a step back and check your altitude. You be quick to point the finger when it’s up to you. Better check yourself ’cause I can’t do the work for you, do the work for you, nah. Front seat blowing trees, had you seein’ views until you showed your true colors, and now, I’m feelin’ blue.” – lyrics

The seamless integration of Hunna G’s distinct production style complements Kenya Vaun’s dynamic flow, creating a harmonious synergy that elevates the track’s overall vibe. The collaborative effort between Vaun and Hunna is evident, as both artists bring their unique strengths to the forefront, resulting in a compelling and cohesive piece of music.

Kenya Vaun – “Strike 3 Freestyle” featuring Hunna G

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