Thanks for reaching out. FYI we do not accept unsolicited email submissions anymore. That may come as a shock, but with over 300 submissions a day it just became too overwhelming and disorganized. Therefore, please do not submit your music to us via email (it will not be heard). If you want us to listen to your music, please submit one song for review by clicking on the purple area below.

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How does our approval system work?

We have a team of 5 curators and they represent 5 points. Each of their LIKES equals 1 point. Each of their DISLIKES equals 0 points. If one of them says, “IT’S OK”, means that he or she is giving you half a point. Each submission requires at least 3.5 points for us to blog about it. Also, submissions with 5 points will automatically be added to our “Pineapple In da SUN” playlist on Spotify. We accept music in every genre. 

Three Black Boys (Volume 2) by Zangba Thomson + cover art

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    HEY BRO, thank you so much for sharing my new release. Have a listen to this song i dropped before What Once Was, i think you will like it. regards

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    Javier Cano

    Hello guys,

    I have exclusive releases from my biggest artists to share in your website.


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