BREEZYLYN - Hood Mona Lisa press photo

BreezyLYN releases a Spectacular Debut Album, “Hood Mona Lisa”

BreezyLYN (@officialbreezylyn) is a 23-year-old buzzing rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Displaying raw feelings and unfiltered truth in broad, yet intense strokes, she released her anxiously awaited debut album, “Hood Mona Lisa,” via Remain Solid/300 Entertainment.

The “Intro” sets the scene with a ceremonious nod to Jay-Z and their shared birthplace of Marcy Houses, narrated by iconic Hip-Hop voice – Pain In Da Ass (“Reasonable Doubt”).

BreezyLYN – “3 AM” [Official Video]

BreezyLYN’s storytelling takes center stage on the Bankroll Got It-produced “3 AM” single, which finds BreezyLYN vividly recounting a wild night involving a high-speed chase, helicopters, and an intense standoff with the police.

BreezyLYN – “Love Affair” [Official Lyric Video]

On “Love Affair,” a well-rounded BreezyLYN leans into her feelings with a sultry narrative that speaks to listeners’ souls. A fan favorite track, “Love Affair” shows another side of Breezylyn that many might find attractive. The vulnerable song also speaks volumes of Breezylyn’s well-rounded lyricist ability.

BreezyLYN – “Bad Bitches” [Official Visualizer]

BreezyLYN continued her hometown’s legacy with her explosive debut single “Bad Bitches,” an unapologetic anthem packed with a message of self-love and self-expression. The drill-centric track has generated over 14 million streams globally and earned plugs from Cardi B, Coi Leray, Coco Jones, Ashanti, and more.

BreezyLYN – “Freaky” [Official Visual]

BreezyLYN turns the heat up on “Freaky,” produced by GRAMMY® Award-nominated hitmaker Diego Ave.

BreezyLYN – “Muny” music video

“He like when I get in my bag, wear my hair to my a$$. But he say the bob makes me look edible. These b*tches mad, I do sh*t they could never do. Thought she was steppin’, I’m ten steps ahead of you. There ain’t no revenue, b*tch I ain’t in attendance. She a leech, so she lives for dependence. These b*tches can’t get one on me and I meant it. These b*tches never at the bank.” – lyrics

The Bed-Stuy baddie demands her cash and delivers major boss chick energy in the stylish music video directed by Jerry Morka. “Muny” is an exquisite taste and an expensive experience.

BreezyLYN – “KEEP WISHING” video featuring 2Rare

“I was very hands-on with the making of “KEEP WISHING” and worked closely with the producer to get the vibes right. We were in the studio creating the beat, and I instantly knew I had to get 2Rare on it. We didn’t know each other so I DM’ed him the snippet I posted and said, ‘I need you on this, we’d kill it.’ Finally, my label partner 100k Track was able to connect us on FaceTime, and from there, it’s been locked in. I also spoke with Ray J on FaceTime who gave me his support. The positive energy for this collaboration makes me so excited for everyone to hear it.” – BreezyLYN explained

On the energetic track, a bright piano loop glows through a pulsating beat as the production interpolates the R&B staple, “One Wish,” by Ray J. BreezyLYN leans into this sonic backdrop with a charismatic flow before delivering the dynamic mantra-like hook, “If he had one wish, he’ll wish for a b*tch like me.” Plus, 2Rare pulls up with a showstopping cameo of his own.

BreezyLYN – “Bad Bitches (Remix)” video featuring Lola Brooke and Kali

“I’m very excited to share this moment with my girls Lola and Kali. They’ve been so supportive of this song, so it was only right they bless the remix. The vibe on set was amazing because we genuinely rock with each other and respect our crafts. We did this for all women who want to feel empowered and confident in their own skin.” – BreezyLYN stated

For the finale, BreezyLYN assembled an Avengers-level cohort of female spitters for the remix to her breakout hit “Bad Bitches” featuring Lola Brooke and Kaliii. The empowerment anthem has earned over 10 million worldwide streams and culminated with a surprise performance during Lola’s electrifying set at Summer Jam 2023.


BREEZYLYN - Hood Mona Lisa press photo

Combining a childhood nickname with the vibrant city that raised her, BreezyLYN is ready to strike as the bonafide breakout rapper from Brooklyn. Born in Bedford-Stuyvesant, she has quietly risen from Marcy Houses – the neighborhood immortalized by hip-hop icon JAY-Z. 2023 saw Breezylyn star rise with a series of high-profile appearances including an opening slot for A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie at the Barclays Center.

BreezyLYN – “Hood Mona Lisa” album

BREEZYLYN - Hood Mona Lisa cover art

The Mona Lisa has endured as one of the most famous works of art. Channeling that timeless spirit, BreezyLYN paints a masterpiece with splashes of passionate emotion and stunning skill throughout nine tracks. The project paints a portrait of a self-assured young woman who knows what she wants. Surely, “Hood Mona Lisa” is one of the best contemporary rap projects out of the Rotten Apple. It’s a stellar piece of art, a collectible item for sure. But only time will tell if the “Hood Mona Lisa” album will stand the test of time and hold its value like The Mona Lisa painting.

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