SHY MARTIN press photo by Hampus Hjellström
Photo by Hampus Hjellström

SHY Martin releases a lyric video for her “can I call you back?” single

SHY Martin (Sara Hjellström) is a talented singer-songwriter from Lerdala, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a lyric video for her “can I call you back?” single.

SHY Martin – “can I call you back?” lyric video

“Can I call you when it ends? When I wanna come down from the castle on my couch where I shut you out. Can I call you when it ends? When I’m out of feelings, done with missing out on things, and I’m missing you. Can I call you back?” – lyrics

‘can I call you back?’ tells a painful tale of a young woman who wants to know what’s wrong with her. Apparently, she gets lonely in a room full of people she calls her friends. Also, one day she’s sociable and the next day she’s doesn’t feel like talking. Therefore, she keeps a low profile and hides. Later, she admits that her mind is like a motel because she checks out when things don’t go well.

‘can I call you back?’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the relevant tune possesses moody instrumentation scented with an emotional pop aroma.

SHY Martin

SHY Martin press photo
Photo by Hampus Hjellström

“I remember first experiencing anxiety when I was turning 13. At the time, I didn’t know what that feeling was, only that it made me very sad, and extremely lonely. Last year, I decided to finally share my struggles with anxiety with the people who listen to my music. Even though I know mental illness is common, I never really understood how widespread it was until I started receiving lots of messages from people who were sharing their own stories and struggles. Starting that conversation felt so important for me, and to keep it going I need to keep being honest with my music. ‘can I call you back?’ is a continuation of that.” – SHY Martin

‘can I call you back?’ highlights SHY Martin’s struggles with mental health in a delicate and poetic stream of consciousness. Also, the song serves as her most personal and vulnerable song to-date. “can I call you back?” follows hot on the heels of SHY’s recent collaboration with fellow Swedish artist, Boy In Space, on “Still the Same”.

So far, Martin has amassed over 150 million collective streams online via Spotify. 2019 saw her complete her first European headline tour, which traversed 14 cities and wowed audiences with her electrifying live show. Furthermore, she supported Nina Nesbitt last December at her London show.

“can I call you back?” single

SHY Martin - “can I call you back?” cover

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