SHY Martin press photo by Hampus Hjellström
Photo by Hampus Hjellström

SHY Martin releases a BTS and lyric video for her “Slow” single

SHY Martin (Sara Hjellström) is a talented singer-songwriter from Lerdala, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a BTS and lyric video for her “Slow” single.

SHY Martin – “Slow” lyric video

‘Slow’ kicks off what seems to be a big 2020 for SHY Martin, who spent 2019 releasing a string of singles and collaborations, solidifying her place among the top rising pop artists.

The emotive tune brings Martin’s lyrical prowess to the forefront. Also, the song contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and simple guitar-driven instrumentation.   

‘Slow’ follows on the heels of Martin’s “Make Us Never Happen”, “Same Old”, and “Out of My Hands” singles. The songs are a precursor to her upcoming EP, which is set to be released sometime in 2020.

“My heart is struggling to not get hurt again”

SHY Martin press photo by Hampus Hjellström
Photo by Hampus Hjellström

“When I started writing songs, I never did it without my guitar. I spent hours and hours writing on my bed with it, and if not there it was on a little pier by a lake next to our house. A few years ago, when I moved to Stockholm, I stopped writing songs that way. This past summer, me, my brother and two of my closest friends and co-writers Nirob and Litens went to spend a weekend at my parents’ place in the countryside where I grew up. We ended up bringing the guitar everywhere we went. It was the first time in years I’d even held the guitar, but I guess going back to where it all started making me feel like nothing had really changed. ‘Slow’ was written during those days in the countryside. I picked up the guitar while we were eating breakfast one morning and started playing some chords. We were talking about how scary it can be jumping into a relationship immediately after a breakup. I really felt like I wanted to keep the feeling we had when we wrote it by keeping the production simple, organic.” – SHY Martin

SHY Martin is definitely an artist you should be listening to in 2020. So far, her music has amassed over 150 million Spotify streams. Also, 2019 saw Martin complete her first European headline tour, which traversed 14 cities and stunned audiences with her electrifying live show. Furthermore, SHY supported Nina Nesbitt last December at her London show.

“Slow” single

SHY Martin - “Slow” cover

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