SHY Martin press photo by Hampus Hjellström copy
Photo by Hampus Hjellström

SHY Martin unveils a post-breakup pop tune, entitled, “Nobody Likes Moving On”

SHY Martin (Sara Hjellström) is a talented singer-songwriter from Lerdala, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a post-breakup pop tune, entitled, “Nobody Likes Moving On”.

SHY Martin – “Nobody Likes Moving On” lyric video

‘Nobody Likes Moving On’ tells a heartfelt tale of a young woman who experiences an emotional breakup with her significant other. Apparently, she needs some time to regroup and somehow move on from someone who she still loves. Furthermore, the song serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on SHY Martin’s sophomore EP, which is set to be released in Summer 2020.

‘Nobody Likes Moving On’ contains a bittersweet narrative, pleasing vocals, and rich harmonies. Also, the emotional tune possesses moody instrumentation scented with a warm emo-pop aroma. 

“It will take some time to get over us.”

SHY Martin press photo by Hampus Hjellström
Photo by Hampus Hjellström

“‘Nobody Likes Moving On” was written the day after we wrote ‘Keep You Mine’. We were talking about breakups and about moving on. In my past relationships, I’ve moved to another city after they’ve ended. And through that being able to easily have a fresh start with new relationships and friendships. The conversation led on to our current relationships and I realized how horrible and hard a break up with my current boyfriend would be as we have so many friends in common and work with the same people in the same industry. Also, we’re completely in love with the same small part of Stockholm where we spend most of our time in the same favorite cafés, shops, and restaurants. One of the songwriters came up with the starting line, ‘We can build a wall downtown’, and we continued the whole song out of that simple idea of dividing up friends and places so as not to run into each other. In the end, breaking up is not easy for anyone who goes through it, and the song highlights that.” – SHY Martin

‘Nobody Likes Moving On’ follows hot on the heels of Martin’s deeply personal single, entitled, “can I call you back?“. Earlier this spring, she released a collaboration with fellow Swedish artist Boy In Space on “Still the Same”. Anthemic and free-spirited, SHY kicked off 2020 with January’s elegantly emotive, “Slow”, which has already seen 10 million+ Spotify streams.

“Nobody Likes Moving On” single

SHY Martin - “Nobody Likes Moving On cover

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