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SHY Martin releases a lovely pop tune, entitled, “Just a Little Longer”

SHY Martin is an indie-pop singer-songwriter from Sweden. Not too long ago, she released “Just a Little Longer”, a lovely pop tune from her “Overthinking” EP.

SHY Martin – “Just a Little Longer” single

“Just hold on a little longer. Even when we’re hurting I still want ya. And if you walk out that door you know it’s over. Can’t we just hold on a little longer, a little longer.” – lyrics

‘Just a Little Longer’ tells the tale of a woman who’s at the tail-end of a romantic relationship with her significant other. Many times, they break up to make up. But this time it’s different and the odds are stacked against them staying together.

There’s a chance they might have to call off their relationship. The plot thickens when the woman reveals to the man if he walks out the front door it’s over for good. But if he stays a little while longer, maybe, they can work out their differences.    

‘Just a Little Longer’ contains an interpersonal narrative, sweet pop vocals, and rhythmic instrumentation flavored with electro-dance and commercial pop elements.

SHY Martin – “Overthinking” single

SHY Martin press photo + Just a Little Longer

SHY Martin emerged on the scene in 2016 as the featured artist and co-writer behind Mike Perry’s “The Ocean” single. The track won Spotify Sweden’s prize for ‘Most Streamed Song of the Year’ with over 550 million streams.

Since then, Martin’s songwriting catalog has amassed over 2 billion streams on Spotify alone. As a solo artist, she has generated over 100 million streams. Her songwriting catalog includes “First Time” by Kygo featuring Ellie Goulding, “(Not) The One” by Bebe Rexha, and “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers to name a few singles.

Martin is 100% independent and a proactive advocate of equality. Not only for women within the music industry but for the underrepresented songwriters behind the scene. Check out her “Overthinking” EP via Spotify.

“Overthinking” EP

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