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Johan Lenox releases a music video for his “pretender” single

Johan Lenox is a multi-talented award-winning singer, songwriter, classical composer, string arranger, and producer from Boston. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “pretender” single.

Johan Lenox – “pretender” music video

“I’m exploring what it’s like to be young in a world where there’s a sense the coming future isn’t great.  We’re trapped in a cycle of pointless fun as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for our lives or facing the darker aspects of the world. In order to describe this, I try to make the music out of orchestra sounds. It’s about this suburban malaise, directionless-ness, and clinging to youth.” – Johan Lenox

‘pretender’ contains a relatable storyline, relaxed vocals, and melodic instrumentation scented with an urban-alternative aroma.

The likable tune is featured on Johan Lenox’s “everybody’s cool but me” EP. Also, the project includes the previously released singles: “i don’t do drugs anymore,” “fifteen”, and “smile like an idiot”.

Johan Lenox’s “everybody’s cool but me” EP

Johan Lenox - “everybody’s cool but me” EP cover

‘everybody’s cool but me’ evokes the youthful bliss and boredom of late-night parties in the Massachusetts woods, doomed young love, and the uncertainties of growing up.

Also, it reflects the discontent and disillusionment of a generation existing outside the boundaries. 

Not too long ago, Johan Lenox became a part of the Island Records’ artist roster.

So far, the artists who have benefited from his mastery includes Kanye West, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign, NAS, and Teyana Taylor to name a few.

Stream “everybody’s cool but me” via Apple Music

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