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Johan releases a music video for his dreamy left-pop single, entitled, “fifteen”

Johan is an LA-based singer-songwriter and producer. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his dreamy left-pop single, entitled, “fifteen”.

Johan – “Fifteen”

“Yesterday I was only fifteen smoking up and counting all my blessings. Backpack full of brownies on the Red Line I was fifteen. All these people say that I’ve been changing. Telling me I turned into a stranger. I just wanna keep on doing nothing like I’m fifteen. Tell me that we’re never getting old.” – lyrics

‘Fifteen’ tells an interesting tale of a young guy who wants to go back to a simpler time when he was fifteen-years-old.

Apparently, he’s not feeling the changes and responsibilities that come with being an adult. Also, he wants to chill and have fun, doesn’t want to get old, and desires to stay forever young.

‘Fifteen’ contains a relatable storyline, harmonious vocals, and woozy instrumentation flavored with urban soul, modern R&B, and hip-hop elements.

Johan – “Fifteen” single

johan – “Fifteen” artwork

“In Fifteen, I was reminiscing about a time when I was younger and aimlessly f**king around in Boston. I often wish I could get back to that feeling of being carefree and directionless. Just hanging with friends, getting high, riding the train in and out of the city with little concern about the future. But it’ll never be quite like that again for me or my friends because we all have real responsibilities now. And we just have to be fine with that.” ⏤ Johan

Johan was on acid at a house party when he was introduced to Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album.

This LP, along with “Yeezus” in 2013, captivated Johan’s imagination and helped him to see how music could reach a mainstream audience.

Shortly afterward, he taught himself how to write and produce contemporary songs. So far, he has worked with Travis Scott, Kanye West, Teyana Taylor and more in the past year.

We recommend adding Johan’s “fifteen” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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