Hitman Holla versus Eazy The Block Captain in an intense rap battle
Photo courtesy of Chrome 23

Chrome 23 presents Hitman Holla versus Eazy The Block Captain

Hitman Holla is a battle rapper and actor from St Louis, Missouri. Eazy the Block Captain is a battle rapper and actor from Philadelphia, PA. Not too long ago, they had an epic rap battle at Sony Hall in New York City. The star-studded Chrome 23 LIVE PPV main event answered many questions regarding who was better – Hitman Holla or Eazy The Block Captain? When they clashed, would Eazy keep his winning streak alive? Or will Hitman put an end to Eazy’s legendary battle-rap run? Let’s find out.

Hitman Holla versus Eazy The Block Captain – battle

In round one, Hitman Holla grabs the coin when it was tossed in the air to decide who goes first. “I came a long way just to go to war with Eaz,” says Hitman. “I snatched the quarter just to give it to you,” Hitman grills Eazy. “‘Cause with all that struggle rap I figured you needed it more than me.” Hitman lets it be known that he’s not struggling financially. “I created this big stage; my presence alone is too much for a volume,” he raps with great passion. “And if I’m being completely honest, what Remy paid me to battle, I can’t count it in a small room.”

Hitman was hitting on all cylinders and the crowd was feeling his bars and energetic performance. Reaching bars like, “He thinks he got the juice till I squeeze and e-lemon-ate him (eliminate him),” was a cool jab and it set the stage for bigger power punches.

Later, Hitman won the crowd over with, “It was a win for you to achieve me. So, to make a long story short, the road I had to take to get here wasn’t Eazy,” a play on his opponent’s name. Then, Hitman argues that his resume is more attractive than Eazy’s achievements. The crowd applauded when Hitman rapped, “They can make a best of Hitman on YouTube for 24 hours,” and “Stand down, or be the next ni^^a I stand over.” Hitman’s Philly flow toward the end was spectacular, contributing to a very good round for Hitman.

Hitman Holla, Remy Ma, Eazy The Block Captain

Hitman Holla, Remy Ma, Eazy The Block Captain via Chrome 23
Photo courtesy of Chrome 23

In round one, Eazy The Block Captain levels the playing field by telling Hitman, “I don’t give a f*** about no hitman, no this man, no that man, no Wild’N Out,  no Bags and Bodies, no Nick Cannon, how much money you got, how much views you got, and how many years you put this on your f****** back.” Then, he pinpoints Hitman’s problems like a diagnostic. To paint the narrative, Eazy has hitters surrounding Hitman’s home. He raps cleverly, “If I tell my Hitman sweet potato pie, he’ll cry, ‘cause what you’ll find in the ground, Cinnamon.” Cinnamon is Hitman’s significant other, so that punch hits on a personal level. Even more intriguing, this setup highlights what real hitmen do compare to the Hitman rapping on stage. Eazy relentlessly continues to talk to Hitman, and Hitman can’t do anything about it but absorb the verbal assault being tossed his way. Eazy throws some sneaky punches, “The cells gotta recover, the brain gotta regroup. You’ll have to learn how to read by eating alphabet soup.” And then, he hits Hitman with an impeccable basketball combination:

“You can probably tell me every basketball player that ever signed up. But it was 3 am wake-up calls and five people going to court was starting to line up. My stove did warm-up drills, bro, every day, dog, beefing with ni^^as in my conference so I can get a plate off (playoff). You played four quarters, I sold two halves, and I off-ed it fast. I seen fiens recover from everything, but I’ve never seen them rebound off the glass. Bro, that was a quick score, fast breaks had me selling drugs again because I was back bored (backboard). Ni**a, I played in a bubble-bubble, profiting off another hustle. 20 grams of coke, 10 grams of cut, to us was a double-double. If I see your open shot, then I’ma raise my joint. I mean I didn’t want to do it, but since you stepped on the line, that means you changed the point.”

Hitman Holla versus Eazy The Block Captain

Hitman Holla versus Eazy The Block Captain in an intense rap battle via Chrome 23
Photo courtesy of Chrome 23

Hitman Holla starts round two with a good rebuttal and gets confronted with mic issues. He continues, “You let them people convince you I can’t rap, like I don’t be up here barking. Well, I just wrapped up another million-dollar meeting, I was in that b*tch talking.” That didn’t go well with the crowd, a low echo of boos erupted, and Hitman started complaining about the crowd, “That hate don’t matter, it ain’t gonna look like that on camera.” After fixing his mic issue, Hitman finally gets into his groove, “Shine, Red, Rock, Suge, they all were sick like…(points to Eazy). Guess who had the remedy? You got a bunch of debatables, a win versus T. So why y’all keep bringing up this Eazy run, jog my memory?” He followed with The Granny house scheme, which was good because it showed the charisma of the old Hitman. Lines like, “I would beat you’re a$$ but I heard Eazy’s doing that already,” sets the stage for the hurricane scheme, attacking Eazy’s significant other, Hurricane Du.

“Eazy put his hands on his girl, her name Hurricane Du. See, he get mad ‘cause she get wet for everybody, but ain’t that’s the sh*t hurricanes do? Then Nu Jerzey Twork f***** her, the ponytail on the table, he messed up Hurricane’s do.  So how you mad ‘cause she decided to break up a happy home, when that’s the sh*t hurricanes do? Then I heard that she got pregnant, hey, where Hurricane Du? Touchy subject, well, all right, let me switch the category five, but that’s still some sh*t hurricanes do.”

Pretty decent scheme for Hitman as he continues to verbally shoot at Du and throws a mom-and-pop store reference, shading Eazy’s parents. Because people told Hitman he couldn’t scheme with Eazy, made him wanna try to prove the naysayers wrong. He unleashed a nice airport scheme that received a lukewarm reception from the audience. Later, Hitman spits a bar that didn’t increase his momentum, “Well, you’ll be surprised, I’m the most likely to ride. One night I slid in Nikes, I really turned them b*tches into Nike Slides.” The crowd at this point was restless, and Hitman complained again, “The hate don’t bother me. Turn my mic up!”

Eazy The Block Captain and Tay Roc (Gun Titles)

Eazy The Block Captain, Tay Roc, photo
Photo courtesy of Chrome 23

Eazy The Block Captain begins round two with the same intensity, and with nonstop aggression, he continues to talk to Hitman Holla with no space between them. Eazy encounters mic issues, other background mics are picking up a third-party conversation, but it doesn’t bother Eazy. After that’s situated, he’s back talking to Hitman again, this time with more assertiveness, attacking Hitman’s credibility, and character of being too emotional. Eazy takes things even further by telling Hitman it’s his fault his girlfriend got shot.

“I mean, you entitled, narcissism. I understand ‘cause I’m living proof. But we gotta accept accountability because the people we love get hurt by the sh*t we do. Like for example, you never thought that home invasion was a calculated move? You never thought that they wasn’t coming for her, ni^^a, they was coming for you. But I blame the leadership of your crew ‘cause y’all never told this ni^^a to stop, like, ‘Gerald, being street means being smart, you gotta know the block. Like if they got an immediate threat, sometimes, you gotta let it rock.’ ‘Cause you can’t control no opp, karma comes in so many forms, you probably the reason why your girl got shot. Ni^^a, I will embarrass you, how do you let shorty take a headshot for you and you still ain’t marry her?”

That last line was well received by the audience, and they erupted with loud applause. Eazy continues his attack:

“Ni^^a, I’m a hitman too, but what I assassinate is character. You don’t understand the sh*t you endure, bro’, you brought enemies to your door. I would have built my credit off y’all ni^^as if we would have went to war. They would have seen Hitman and Showout, I would have seen Transunion and Experian, I was looking at two different scores. (To Showout) Ni^^a, ain’t you the bull that said you hit Bill Collector because he was gonna rob Hitman? Where was that same bull when they really robbed Hitman?”

Bill Collector emerges out of nowhere and the energy in the building completely shifts in Eazy’s favor. He ends the round with a couple of dope lines: “Is it me or do all these straight ni^^as get to Hollywood and just unlock?” And, “You’re the only hitman I know who takes contracts and don’t kill sh*t.”

Chrome 23 at Sony Hall in New York City

Hitman Holla versus Eazy The Block Captain in an intense rap battle via Chrome 23
Photo courtesy of Chrome 23

Hitman Holla starts round three with three good rebuttals:

“He brought up the home invasion, my girl was innocent and got shot. I just don’t want y’all to mistake for wars, but you wouldn’t know sh*t about that ‘cause you don’t own a house that’s nice enough for ni^^as to want to break in yours. He said, talking about, you don’t know what I got playing with Cinnamon. Talking about my sh*t, just things you don’t do. He like why you ain’t marry her yet ‘cause I’d rather let it ring on you. I don’t understand, I’m looking in a crowd and I’m looking at y’all, get real. Hype because he brought out a ni^^a that got knocked out in real life.”

The crowd was feeling that. But Hitman, playing an away game, realizes he’s not the favorite as he expected. Therefore, he utilizes this opportunity to attack Eazy’s drug-dealing talking points but the crowd gets restless again. Hitman continues regardless, “Why is the face of URL selling drugs anyway? You mean to tell me both smacks ain’t paying enough?” (Smack is the leader of the URL and the other smack, drugs). The crowd gets restless again so Hitman changes the topic and talks about the struggles he had to face, like having two parents and still having to live check to check. The crowd gets restless again and Hitman states, “The hate don’t look good on camera.” Later, he gets the crowd back on his side with lines like, “I ain’t lyrical but I was always cool with knowing I had a lawyer with a pen better than mine.”

Hitman starts rapping about his recent problems:

“What you know about getting frustrated because you missed counting a half a mil’ and now you gotta count it twice? What you know about your pops betting $5,000 you score 40? Yeah, that’s five with three O’s but I finished the game with 36 because my bum a** missed four free throws. Hey, what you know about your mama being frustrated because she can’t keep up with your character on not one, two, but three shows? What you know about your driver calling off during Christmas, so you missed $20,000 ni^^a, that’s only three loads? One night, my pops bet five thousand, I score four touchdowns. the sh*t had me so mad ‘cause I finished the game with three, they called the fourth one back ‘cause I couldn’t get the proper toe drag.”

Fans are loving the back-and-forth exchange between Hitman Holla and Eazy The Block Captain

fan at Chrome 23 event at Sony Hall

Eazy The Block Captain begins round three in Hitman’s face again. He talks about how he envied people with two parents because he wasn’t raised by his real mother. With a heavy heart, he raps, “After last year, my life expectancy I didn’t even think I was gonna reach it. ‘Cause in my profession, a Black ni^^a with a cannon start wilding out is not funny, we end up at the precinct.” This was interesting because Nick Cannon is Hitman’s boss on the comedy show, Wild ‘N Out. Eazy uses keywords to separate his struggles from Hitman’s struggles, proving their struggles are not the same. “When you was watching ‘Menace to Society,’ society and turning me into a menace, all because I wouldn’t listen.”

Eazy’s biggest weapon is his honesty. He raps about his failures and successes, hoping viewers can learn from his mistakes. “I’m a competitor like you, bro, I don’t like to lose like you. I had ‘nick’ like you, but I had to sell a hundred of them to have a good night too… A couple of warning shots backed them ni^^as up so I understand’ ’cause a ‘cannon’ saved my life too.” Eazy continues to talk to Hitman Holla. “I always wanted to ask how you the top performer out of all of these performers but when you get on that show ni^^a, you a$$?”

Hitman Holla versus Eazy The Block Captain

Hitman Holla versus Eazy The Block Captain Chrome 23 Anniversary Card

Conclusion: This battle comes down to a lot of things: bars, delivery, believability, performance, crowd control, etc. In my honest opinion, Eazy The Block Captain pleaded his case much better than Hitman Holla. Eazy was lyrically better with more intricate and thought-provoking material. His performance was also more consistent than Hitman’s, even though Hitman’s performance in the first was off the chain. Eazy controlled the crowd better, controlled his mic issues better, and had an all-around better stage generalship. Eazy was simply the better battle rapper that night, and he arguably won all three rounds, definitely securing the second and third rounds convincingly. Congrats to Eazy The Block Captain, his winning streak continues.

Who should Eazy battle next? We know he wants Murda Mook, Arsonal, Charlie Clips, and Geechi Gotti. And what about Hitman Holla? Who should he battle next?

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