Hitman Holla, Aye Verb

T-Top & Brizz Rawsteen versus Hitman Holla & Aye Verb

T-Top and Brizz Rawsteen are two of North Carolina’s best battle rappers. Not too long ago, they squared up against St. Louis’ battle-rap legends, Hitman Holla and Aye Verb.

T-Top & Brizz Rawsteen versus Hitman Holla & Aye Verb


Holla & Verb set it off by discrediting their opponent’s rap style. But it was Holla who took the wheel, driving lyrics into his opponents’ eardrums. And these are some of Holla’s memorable bars.

“If you rush, we’ll all attack ‘em / I got all the tactics / This bullet got Brizz’s name on it he autographed it.” “This ain’t Mortal Combat, I’ll give all you cans I’ll give all you caskets.” “You new ni^^as are backup singers and back-up dancers / This here (a gun), will back-up singers and back-up dancers.”

 Verb added, “I’m with all the static, razors, all the slashing, automatics, 40, Gucci, under that belt Ni^^a I’m with all the fashion.”

Brizz & Top set it off by discrediting their opponent’s rap style. Seconds later, they attacked Hitman’s character.

“There he go talkin’ ‘bout money again / That’s cool, I’ll pull his card and slide money outta him like a ATM.”

“Hitman’s a b*tch, for years SMACK babied him / I’ll pull 80s out / That’s the sh*t that you crack babies with/ Sh*t will get uglier than the b*tch you had a baby with.”

 “Known as Big Gerald son, b*tch ain’t even have a name in school / called yourself hitman, guess you thought the name was cool.”

“You changed into a b*tch, bowing down to Nick Cannon for the fame and jewels. But young man there’s nothing worse than a famous fool. Now let me ask you can ya kids eat fame for food? You ever slanged them tools? You ever sat in the trap shaving cubes? With a stick and an 8-ball in ya side pocket like you playing pool?”

Brizz ends round with a powerful haymaker

“This that fire sh*t / SMACK gimme something to set the stage on fire with / That pussy (Verb) knew it was over for ShowTime when I came with that firestick.”

All in all, good round from both groups. But too much “bringing it back” disturbed Verb’s & Holla’s rhythm at times. Hitman’s aggressive performance and his remix moment transitioned well. But Brizz & Top had way more memorable bars and better performance. For the first time, someone (Brizz) might’ve outperformed Holla. We might be reaching, but it’s close.

We got Brizz & Top winning round one.

T-Top & Brizz Rawsteen versus Hitman Holla & Aye Verb

T-top Brizz Rawsteen, Hitman Holla Aye Verb


Verb set it off with, “Old ni^^a, let the steel rip, I am Logan this time,” and, “Bird on his chest, I’ll give y’all that OVO feeling.” Even his collective effort with Hitman, “I done left so many ghosts in this building, what we take home to our children, it’ll make the wine taste sweeter when he toasts to the killing,” transitioned well with the crowd. But overall, their round lacked haymakers and intensity. Also, their performance level weakened significantly. And what made matters worse, they ran outta ammo in a lyrical gunfight against two elite wordsmiths.

Brizz & Top continued where they left off.

“I’ll be shootin’ in the Lou from sun up to sun down / I’ma hang his son up, they gon’ have to cut his son down.”

The battled switched in their favor when they started attacking Verb’s character.

“Last year it was Verb and iLL (Yung iLL) / Then we seen Verb get killed / Sh*t, K Shine made Verb sit still / he ain’t learn sh*t, ni^^a had that perm in still.”

They questioned Verb on why he had Yung iLL looking like a fiend on stage (allegedly, iLL has a drug problem). That scheme won them the round in our opinion. Easily. No debating.


Verb & Holla jumped back into action with inspired energy, but several missed punches affected their build-ups and ruining their chances of winning. At the end of their round, a few heads from the crowd yelled time, and Verb & Holla stopped performing because they thought SMACK had called time. But that wasn’t the case. Verb & Holla used that incidental distraction to end their round, which was understandable because nothing they were spittin’ was hittin’.

T-Top Brizz Rawsteen seized the opportunity by spittin’ disrespectful raps at their defeated foes. Brizz stepped to Verb and started beating his chest in like a gorilla.

“Mr. ShowTime, we ain’t seen you show up / You gotta clean ya nose up, switch it over / which is it soldier? / You can’t be the Yoda and be sniffin’ yola.”

To add insult to injury, SMACK allowed Brizz & Top to tag in NWX’s member RAIN710 and Cave Gang’s CEO Tay Roc. The two emcees spit a few unnecessary bars. But that didn’t need to happen. The battle was over anyway. But it was an unfair move on SMACK/URL’s part because Brizz’s & Top’s third was probably over the contracted time limit.

We gave this battle to Brizz & T-Top (3-0).

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