Brizz Rawsteen versus Arsonal

Brizz Rawsteen battles Arsonal at SMACK/URL’s NOME 6 event

Brizz Rawsteen is a rapper based in Raleigh, North Carolina, by way of Wilmington, Delaware. Arsonal is a veteran rapper from Newark, New Jersey. Not too long ago, the two battle-tested emcees battled at SMACK/URL’s #NOME 6 event.

Brizz Rawsteen versus Arsonal

“Brizz vs Arsonal, this gon’ be a crazy one. I know that’s ya man SMACK but dawg ain’t no savin’ him. This lil’ light of mine, I let it Shine, I put a K to him. It’s O’fficial, why? I done knocked all of the DNA from him. Saga better pray for him, Rain better spray for him. I got a gun so big it ain’t a sound effect that Big T can make for ’em. They like, “Why the NWX scheme? What sense do that make to him?’ ‘Cause T-Top yo’ right hand so why that clique raisin’ him?” – Arsonal

Going into the battle, fans wondered if Brizz could continue his emcee-killing spree? Or would Arsonal topple his rise to fame? Also, they wanted to see if Arsonal still gas left in the tank to compete with the new class of emcees. 

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