Loaded Lux versus Arsonal

Loaded Lux versus Arsonal at UDubb’s “Alpha N Omega” event

Loaded Lux is a Hall of Fame battle rapper from Harlem, New York. Arsonal is a battle-rap legend from Newark, New Jersey. Not too long ago, the two emcees battled at UDubb’s Alpha N Omega event.

Loaded Lux versus Arsonal

“I’m not like most is (Moses), ’cause if you ain’t read (Red) I can still split a C (sea) apart. When the snake don’t turn and stick with the staffers. What’s a stature to the rapture? A ratchet ni^^a gettin’ fixed, this a fracture. I was a Panther, I did the pastor. I wouldn’t know, beatin’ everythin’ Sin say (sensei) don’t make you no master. This what he after? Initially casin’ me on the low. Now he got some capital you think you the alpha, bet. But you owe Mega (Omega) and the house come to collect. You know it’s about respect.” – Loaded Lux

This is the second time Loaded Lux battled on a UDubb event. His first battle was in 2014 with Hollow Da Don, which many regards as one of the best battles of all time.

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