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Eazy The Block Captain releases a gritty music video for his “I.D.W.I.W” single

Eazy The Block Captain is an emerging battle rapper from Philadelphia, PA. Not too long ago, he released a gritty music video for his “I.D.W.I.W” single. The “I Do What I What” track addresses Eazy’s battle rap peers who he feels he will smoke if they ever battled.

Eazy The Block Captain – “I.D.W.I.W” video

“Who ducking y’all? Y’all wanna be my friend but I don’t f*** with y’all. I ain’t grow up with y’all, just thank a ni^^a, don’t hate a ni^^a. I don’t got no stories that I stayed with ni^^as or favor ni^^as, always sharing cars with y’all favorite ni^^a. Now a ni^^a poppin’ and I’m supposed to play the game. Let me battle the graveyard ‘cause all those ni^^as got a name. Every time I think Cal thorough, he turn into a lame. Dispense all my bars now all my opps turn to strain. Last time I left dna, it came with some pain. Last time I test DNA, it came with a name. Sh*t, I can’t believe we talking to the bull, all he gonna do is watch drug movies and scheme about Paid In Full. The way y’all on my top, y’all got me thinking that y’all need to battle. Interview after interview, Goodz, oh boy, we seen the battle. Hey yo, Rex, we got on camera that you dying. You don’t believe me call Beasley, ni^^a, ask him if I’m lying. Aye yo Hitman, the Philly bull, we specialize in homis. After that tv show you shooting, what’s in my bag could be your body.” – lyrics

Eazy The Block Captain oftentimes trades verbal jabs with his URL opposition via Twitter and Instagram. Now, he takes the hip-hop/street route by releasing a diss track aimed at some of the most dangerous battle rappers including Calicoe, John John Da Don, Shotgun Suge, DNA, T-Rex, Goodz, Hitman Holla, DAYLYT, Rum Nitty, Mook, and Charlie Clips.

Eazy The Block Captain

Eazy The Block Captain - “I.D.W.I.W” song cover art

“Yo DAYLYT, watch ya mother******* mouth ‘cause I got more, last ni^^a who took the power of the star, it was Thor. I got some fame, they take it hard. DNA put my name in every interview and try to hate and say I’m not a star. John John emotional, light-skinned ni^^as is down twice. Y’all couldn’t tell me nothing, he was a b*tch up in his past life. Me being next might not be good for your career, ni^^a lost to Tsu Surf and we ain’t seen him for a year. Like why y’all so shocked, why y’all ni^^as wanna die? My youngest 10, we ain’t do ABC since she was five. I got Remy on the line, Chrome 23, I see y’all down the line. She said, ‘You want a female?’ I said sure, just gimme John.” – lyrics

Eazy, who is currently on a hot winning streak, believes no battle rapper can suffocate his success right now. On the battlefield, Eazy’s confidence is at an all-time high following his recent win over the legendary rapper, Goodz. Also, Eazy admits that battlers can’t compete with him and that’s why he assumes they’re mad. Furthermore, his “I.D.W.I.W” single follows mildly on the heels of his latest album, entitled, “Himothy: Chapter 1.”

“Himothy: Chapter 1” album

Eazy The Block Captain - “Himothy- Chapter 1” album cover art

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