Tay Roc

Tay Roc murders Funk Master Flex’s #Freestyle026

Tay Roc is a battle-tested emcee from Baltimore, Maryland. Not too long ago, he murdered Funk Master Flex’s #Freestyle026 at HOT 97.

Tay Roc – #Freestyle026

“I be outta state thuggin’, doin’ what I wanna. I don’t do it ’cause I gotta, I do it ’cause I’m gonna. N^^a, I’m from a strip if you slippin’ you just a goner. Them ni^^as is gettin’ pinched and snitchin’ straight to Your Honor. You want a brick? The sh*t gon’ cost you a Charger. You want a half a brick? The sh*t gon’ cost you a Honda. You want a quarter brick? The sh*t gon’ cost an Elantra. We get rid of whips like an auction—what’s your offer?” – lyrics

Tay Roc, also known as The Gun Bar King, was nothing short of spectacular. He let loose witty bars over Wu-Tang Clan’s gritty “Triumph” instrumental. Let’s say, he didn’t let his URL fans down.

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