Charlotte Lawrence - “Charlotte (Acoustic)” EP cover art edited by Bong Mines Entertainment (purple and pink tone)

Charlotte Lawrence releases her “Charlotte (Acoustic)” EP and a stunning performance video for her “You” single

Charlotte Lawrence is a breakout singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released her “Charlotte (Acoustic)” EP and a stunning performance video for her “You” single.

Charlotte Lawrence – “You” performance video

“Waking up still wearing my clothes, you take a little piece of me home. When your mom says, ‘Where’d you get those?’ Just laugh and say, ‘You don’t wanna know.’ Hold me closer, tiny dancer, only God can save us now. Go to bed still wearing my clothes, pretend it doesn’t matter. It’s you, and all the things you do. I know it could be anybody, it should be anybody else. Loving you makes me hate you too.” – lyrics

‘You’ contains a relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and harmony-driven melodies that will resonate well with fans of GRAACE, SHY Martin, and LOVA. The piano-driven instrumentation possesses a beautifully restrained arrangement, fragranced with a slow-burning contemporary pop aroma. Furthermore, “You” is a wonderful presentation featured on Charlotte Lawrence’s “Charlotte (Acoustic)” EP. The eight-track project is a stripped-down, acoustic version of Lawrence’s self-titled, major-label debut EP, entitled, “Charlotte.”

“Charlotte (Acoustic)” EP

Charlotte Lawrence - “Charlotte (Acoustic)” EP cover art

The EP features the acoustic versions of Lawrence’s “Talk You Down,” “Sin x Secret,” “Slow Motion,” “Cowboys,” “Rx,” “Navy Blue,” and “Why Do You Love Me” singles.

Not too long ago, the artist-to-watch made her late-night TV debut when she took the stage to perform her “Talk You Down” single on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Charlotte Lawrence – “Talk You Down” performance

Charlotte Lawrence has proven that she is indeed a milestone artist. She fuses deeply personal lyrics with larger-than-life melodies and epic choruses to create a remarkable, multi-faceted musical vision all her own. She first earned critical acclaim – and millions of worldwide streams – for breakthrough hits such as “Just The Same” and “Sleep Talking.” Her 2017’s breakthrough debut EP, YOUNG, contained standout tunes like “Why Do You Love Me,” “Navy Blue,” “God Must Be Doing Cocaine,” and “Joke’s On You.”

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