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Ayelle releases a wonderful 12-track project, entitled, “NOMAD (Mixtape)”

Ayelle is a rising singer-songwriter based in New York City. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful 12-track project, entitled, “NOMAD (Mixtape)”.

The delightful project tackles relatable themes such as self-care and long-distance relationships. Also, it explores the beauty, and at times, the trials of traveling around the world and adapting to new environments. Furthermore, “NOMAD (Mixtape)” encapsulates Ayelle’s modern-day experiences (seen through her own lens), and begins with a rhythmic self-care anthem, entitled, “Fast Life”.

 Ayelle – “Fast Life” single

“‘Fast Life’ is the 5th track on the mixtape. I made it in New York with one of my favorite producers, Stavros. It’s a call to self-care and to taking quarantine as an opportunity to do less. Instead of overcompensating with more productivity, exploring the things that you actually enjoy doing, and getting comfortable in your space and with yourself.

I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm. And I like staying in most weekends reading and drinking tea instead of going out. It’s my form of self-care and ‘Fast Life’ is all about that. Making time for yourself to slow down and conquer FOMO (fear of missing out).” – Ayelle

‘Fast Life’ serves as a timely and honest reflection on doing less in an industry that operates on doing more. Furthermore, the likable tune sets a perfect mood for the entire mixtape and opens the way for another appetizing tune, entitled, “Overtime”.

“Overtime” single

“‘Overtime’ is about not expecting a relationship to become anything serious. But deciding to keep spending time with each other even though there are a thousand logical reasons why it shouldn’t work, such as distance and being at different points in your life. But when you’re not looking for anything serious is usually when it hits you. This song is about those early stages. Where you decide to give something a go against all odds because it just feels right.” – Ayelle

‘Overtime’ tells a heartfelt tale of a woman who shares a long-distance relationship with her significant other. Apparently, she wants their relationship to work, but them staying committed to each other is a difficult task. Later, she admits that her companion has her doing overtime, something she wouldn’t do for anyone else.

The next tune, entitled, “What the Hell”, featuring Rationale, has quickly become our new favorite track from Ayelle.

“What the Hell” single

“I’ve been thinking to myself what the hell am I even gonna do when I cannot be with you for another month or two I’ve been thinking about it too much (yeah, yeah, yeah). You’re too difficult not to touch. (yeah, yeah, yeah).” – lyrics

Everything falls into place on “What the Hell”. The lovable tune tells an honest tale of a young woman who decides that whatever she does gotta be worth the risk. Apparently, it’s easier said than done when she finds herself falling in love with someone new.

Ayelle continues the relationship-orientated theme on her charming urban-pop single, entitled, “Effort”.

“Effort” single

“In today’s social media climate it’s difficult to stay present sometimes. And it’s noticeable in all kinds of relationships. I wrote ‘Effort’ about being in a relationship with someone who can’t clock off of social media and just be in the moment with you.” – Ayelle

Ayelle is one of those lovable artists who you can’t help but sing along to her songs. Her infectious melodies are likable and staying true to form, she delivers another appetizing song, entitled, “The Greatest”. If that wasn’t appetizing enough for listeners’ eardrums, she and Rationale decorated the sonic landscape with “Choice”, an alternative-pop lullaby.

Ayelle & Rationale – “Choice” single

“I wrote ‘Choice’ with one of my favorite people and London collaborator, Rationale. When two broken people start falling for each other, a lot of old fears can start resurfacing. And you have a choice of whether to go through the fear or avoid it. That’s a choice we’re all entitled to. And even though it hurts when someone decides not to take the risk of allowing themselves to fully fall for you, that’s still their choice and no one else’s.” – Ayelle

‘Choice’ speaks to the fears arising early on in relationships and highlights the decision to give your all or cave into old relationship doubts. Moreover, “Choice”, and another standout track, “Trust”, keep the momentum of the mixtape flowing in the right direction.

 “Trust” single

“It’s about falling for someone against your better judgment. And I wanted to shed a light on the tumultuous side of relationships. Where you reveal the ugly parts of yourselves to each other and work out your insecurities. It’s always scary to let your guard down. Also, we tend to self-sabotage when we feel vulnerable, which is the essence of what I wanted to capture in ‘Trust’.” – stated Ayelle

We’ve been covering Ayelle’s music since she released her “Actor” single featuring Nakala. Ever since then, she has become one of our favorite artists to cover.

“NOMAD (Mixtape)”

“‘NOMAD’ is a collection of songs written over the past two years. I wrote it while traveling every two-three weeks to places like London, New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Valencia, Barcelona, Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam, Stockholm, and Amsterdam. Throughout my life, I’ve never felt fully rooted anywhere. I grew up in Sweden and Spain and I’m half Iranian. I lived in London for seven years and my family is spread across the globe.

On my dad’s side, my family comes from a nomadic tribe called ‘Qashqai’ and this resonates with me a lot as I can never seem to stay in one place for too long. Every song on this mixtape represents a part of that journey and something I’ve learned about myself, or something I’m still trying to figure out.” – Ayelle

Ayelle hopes that you will see a little bit of yourself in her music. Hopefully, it inspires you in some way, form, or fashion. Therefore, we recommend adding Ayelle’s “NOMAD (Mixtape)” to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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