Ayelle press photo by Polly Hanrahan
Photo by Polly Hanrahan

Ayelle releases a rhythmic self-care anthem, entitled, “Fast Life”

Ayelle is a rising singer-songwriter based in New York City. Not too long ago, she released a rhythmic self-care anthem, entitled, “Fast Life”.

Ayelle – “Fast Life” single

Right now, we are being asked to slow down and be kind to ourselves. The search for self-care is globally on the rise as we turn to comforting tools and ways to take care of ourselves. Therefore, Ayelle’s “Fast Life” serves as a timely and honest reflection on doing less in an industry that operates on doing more.

‘Fast Life’ contains a relatable storyline, velvet vocals, and charming melodies. Also, the cool vibrational tune is a tad bit reminiscent of Tove Lo & Sinead Harnett. Furthermore, the song possesses rhythmic instrumentation flavored with tropical R&B and electro-pop elements.

“I’ll be at home writing songs, sipping on my tea, reading some books about life & philosophy.”

Ayelle - “Effort” photo

“‘Fast Life’ is the 5th track on the mixtape that I made in New York with one of my favorite producers, Stavros. It’s a call to self-care and to taking quarantine as an opportunity to do less. Instead of overcompensating with more productivity, exploring the things that you actually enjoy doing, and getting comfortable in your space and with yourself. I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm and I like staying in most weekends reading and drinking tea instead of going out. It’s my form of self-care and ‘Fast Life’ is all about that. Making time for yourself to slow down and conquer FOMO (fear of missing out).” – Ayelle

Ayelle emphasizes self-care and mental health as a way of life. Oftentimes, she encourages others to do the same via her op-ed pieces, guided meditation, yoga live streams, book recommendations, and more.

Earlier this month, she thoughtfully put together a piece for She Said So (a global women’s group). Also, she shared her philosophy of being kinder to ourselves and giving ourselves a break, during the lockdown and beyond.

“Fast Life” single

‘Fast Life’ will be featured on Ayelle’s upcoming 12-track mixtape, entitled, “NOMAD”. The project serves as her most ambitious project to date, containing a collection of songs written over the past two years. Also, “NOMAD” encourages listeners to be fearless by stepping out of their comfort zones. Whether that means physically in the form of travel or emotionally in one’s relationships and personal experiences.

Furthermore, “Fast Life” follows hot on the heels of Ayelle’s previously released singles (e.g., “Overtime”, “Choice”, “Trust”, “Effort”).

We recommend adding Ayelle’s “Fast Life” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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