Ayelle - “Fast Life” BTS photo

Ayelle unveils a captivating music video for her “Fast Life” single

Ayelle is a talented singer-songwriter based in New York City. Not too long ago, she released a captivating music video for her “Fast Life” single.

Ayelle – “Fast Life” music video

“I wrote ‘Fast Life’ about deciding to stay in and self-care. Instead of trying to keep up with the fast-paced culture of social media and distractions. When I met up with director Jackson Tisi and producer April Chang, they immediately got the concept. And we dreamt up a world in which time has stopped and I’m free to go about my self care while everything and everyone remains frozen. We filmed it two weeks before the lockdown in New York in the same apartment where producer Stavros and I first wrote ‘Fast Life’ together. Then, weirdly enough, time did stop, and watching the video back now kind of sends shivers down my spine because we had no idea what was coming.” – Ayelle stated

The Jackson Tisi-directed music video follows Ayelle as she detaches herself from the party going on in the freeze-frame around her. Instead, she decides to dance to the beat of her own drum. With unsettling sequences, involving a goldfish and faces being consumed by phone screens, the video is a wake-up call to the importance of self-care.


Ayelle - “Fast Life” BTS photo

“‘Fast Life’ is the 5th track on the mixtape that I made in New York with one of my favorite producers, Stavros. It’s a call to self-care and to taking quarantine as an opportunity to do less. Instead of overcompensating with more productivity, exploring the things that you actually enjoy doing, and getting comfortable in your space and with yourself. I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm and I like staying in most weekends reading and drinking tea instead of going out. It’s my form of self-care and ‘Fast Life’ is all about that. Making time for yourself to slow down and conquer FOMO (fear of missing out).” – Ayelle

Ayelle emphasizes self-care and mental health as a way of life. Oftentimes, she encourages others to do the same via her op-ed pieces, guided meditation, yoga live streams, and book recommendations. Furthermore, “Fast Life” is taken from Ayelle’s 12-track mixtape, entitled, “NOMAD”.

Ayelle – “NOMAD (Mixtape)”

“‘NOMAD’ is a collection of songs written over the past two years while I’ve been traveling almost every two-three weeks to places like London, New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Valencia, Barcelona, Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam, Stockholm, and Amsterdam to name a few. Throughout my life, I’ve never felt fully rooted anywhere. I grew up in Sweden and Spain and I’m half Iranian. I lived in London for seven years and my family is spread across the globe. On my dad’s side, my family comes from a nomadic tribe called ‘Qashqai’. And this resonates with me a lot as I can never seem to stay in one place for too long. Every song on this mixtape represents a part of that journey, and something I’ve learned about myself, or something I’m still trying to figure out.” – Ayelle

‘NOMAD’ is Ayelle’s first comprehensive body of work. She hopes you will see a little bit of yourself in her music. Hopefully, it inspires you in some way, shape, form, or fashion. 

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