Mary J Blige

Mary J. Blige releases visuals for “Love Yourself (Remix)” feat. A$AP Rocky

Mary J. Blige is an iconic R&B singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Love Yourself (Remix)” single featuring Harlem-rapper A$AP Rocky.

Mary J. Blige

It’s been a long ride, but I made it here with love

“I made it here with love, love. Said I’ve been up and down and I’ve been through it all. Took a while to know my heart. Oh, yes, it has, yeah. Before a love like this, you go
through the fire and valley lows. But if you just hold on, please hold on ’cause love is strong, it’ll save ya.” – lyrics

The plush video finds Mary J. Blige and A$AP Rocky in extravagant settings.

Also, not too long ago, Mary J. Blige released the original version of “Love Yourself” featuring Kanye West. Also, the song appears on Blige’s “Strength of a Woman” album. 

Original Version

“Truth can be the sweetest pain. It can mess up everything. It’s the only way you know. I’m payin’ for it, I’m changin’ for it. Oh, oh, and it hurts, but I’ll make it work ’cause I’m no beginner. I’m a winner, paid dues, I know my purpose.” – lyrics

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