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Consequence Drops a Music Video for “The Good The Bad The Ugly” Song Featuring Kanye West

Consequence is a rapper from Queens, New York. Not too long ago, he released “The Good The Bad The Ugly” a dope song from his “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” album featuring Kanye West.

Consequence – “The Good The Bad The Ugly”

The West-produced song was released in 2007 via Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music record label. And the first thing that caught our attention was how the beat emerged to the forefront like a punch you don’t see coming. And then a man says, “Hold on, is everybody ready?” Heavy applause is heard. And then the man continues, “Okay, here we go!”

From that point on, while the drums are pounding the pavement, and the chopped-up sample is screamingly echoing eerily in the background. The imaginary rollercoaster starts moving, and Consequence and Ye’s lyrical trip down memory lane takes us on a scenic route through a rough neighborhood. We visualized the good, the bad, and the ugly side of ghetto living is revealed in a bold caption.

“The Good The Bad The Ugly”

“So now the game’s ugly, and my pain’s ugly, and my chain’s ugly. Things became ugly cause my ugly rugby got a stain and it’s musty, waking up looking crusty. And Ms. Thang who’s ugly is saying to me don’t touch me.” — lyrics

ConseQuence bodies the track with an unforgettable flow that embodies what an elite lyricist is supposed to possess. And like brown on rice, he naturally rides the bus-driven/transit beat over huge potholes and minuscule wreckage. But the song’s rocky message manages to give listeners that goosebumps feeling because Quence delivers his childhood pain in a series of unadulterated images that once haunted his adolescent mind.

Kanye ad-libs his way in. He spits indirectly to the ghetto audience with relatable lyrics like, “B.I.G. said get your money, ain’t no telling they gon’ love me.” And, “Ni^^as give pounds and hug me, know they really wanna slug me.”

“The Good The Bad The Ugly”


“And these b*tches used to bum me to the point it made me ugly. And saying things that was ugly then leave the bar abruptly. But I took it all back, cause God don’t like ugly. Now I’m curbing my bad words and say that’s a bad burn.” — lyrics

In some American inner cities, everybody knows tomorrow isn’t promised. Many street dwellers are residing six feet underground because of people they trusted.

The Good The Bad The Ugly is hip-hop music at its best. ‘Quence and ‘Ye managed to paint the complete forest, instead of a tree or two. Instead of only speaking about the good and bad aspects of life in the ghetto, they also gave hope to the hopeless by mentioning that there is also a way out. ‘Quence realized that by curbing his words, he could make good out of a bad or ugly situation. And by curbing his words, his thinking changed for the better, and eventually, his life got better.

“But it happens in the hood when you inherit that bad luck. And once you get bad, it be bad for good. And that’s bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good. But I agree that it’s good, when you leave with the goods. It’s all good in the hood, I call good cause it’s good. Now I’m having some good nights, living this good life. Got me a good girl that I’ma make a good wife. So I’m good to go, and I’m good where I go.” — lyrics

The moral of the story is—curb your words and change your life for the better. Say what you mean, and mean what you say because your thoughts will shape your future.

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