Devin Kennedy - “Follow Through” press photo
Photo by Alex Bemis

Devin Kennedy releases an appealing music video for his “Follow Through” single

Devin Kennedy is a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released an appealing music video for his “Follow Through” single. Shot inside of a hot air balloon, “Follow Through” was not only written and produced by Devin but the video was also directed by him.

Devin Kennedy – “Follow Through” music video

“It’s easy to keep your head down and continue working through everything, but it’s difficult when you realize how much you’ve lost and forgotten along the way. I know regardless of the goal, many people share a similar experience, losing track of moments, time, and relationships while focusing on themselves.” – Devin Kennedy explained

‘Follow Through’ is about the sacrifices we all make in the pursuit of our life-long goals and aspirations. Missing birthdays, holidays, important moments, and losing touch with old friends and family is, unfortunately, part of the equation for anyone with big ambitions.

‘Follow Through’ showcases Devin’s innate ability to craft deeply personal narratives into catchy melodies. He sings over an electric guitar, “I know every moment is a new chance to find somebody real enough to slow dance till the morning.” With lyrics created from his own personal experiences, Devin balanced working 40 hours a week after graduating from high school to putting himself through Berklee College of Music, while also releasing music independently.

“How much will I lose before I learn to follow through?”

Devin Kennedy - “Follow Through” press photo
Photo by Alex Bemis

“I look back on that period of my life and I’m still not sure how I balanced all of that while still maintaining some friendships and family life at home.” – Devin Kennedy stated

While in college, Devin Kennedy saved up his royalties from collaborating with artists like Ben Platt, Ryan Tedder, Andy Grammer, R3HAB, Jake Miller, James Maslow, Alex Aiono, and started investing his profits into cryptocurrencies. This allowed Devin to remain independent by self-funding the release of his debut EP, “SunDayDreams,” in the summer of 2021. Collectively, he has accumulated tens of millions of streams worldwide.

“Follow Through” single

Devin Kennedy - “Follow Through” song cover
Photo by Alex Bemis

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