LEEPA - “i'm sorry, are you?” press photo

LEEPA releases an appealing music video for her “i’m sorry, are you?” single

LEEPA is a rising singer-songwriter from Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, she released an appealing music video for her “i’m sorry, are you?” single.

LEEPA – “i’m sorry, are you?” music video

“‘i’m sorry, are you?’ is not a love song, it’s a song about friendship. Losing friends can be more painful than losing a partner. Especially when the friendship has broken down due to circumstances that are no one’s fault. Even though time passes, distance prevails and life moves on at a brisk pace, one always mourns a true friendship. One may regret something or the longing may wear one down – but some people you have to love from a distance.” – LEEPA explained

‘i’m sorry, are you?’ finds LEEPA asking the right question. The head-bopping tune contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocalization, and an infectious pop chorus that will resonate well with fans of Maude Latour, Tate McRae, and Charlotte Lawrence. Also, the youthful tune possesses upbeat, guitar-driven instrumentation flavored with alternative-punk and contemporary pop elements. Furthermore, “i’m sorry, are you?” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from LEEPA in the near future.

“The way you’re looking at me makes me wanna run away.”

LEEPA - “i'm sorry, are you?” black and white press photo wearing fashion glasses

“I find women cool who do their thing – regardless of norms and sexism. I realized how privileged I am. I have family, friends, education, a network, and my voice. At some point, the scales fell from my eyes. I have everything I need – I just have to use it.” – LEEPA stated

Anyone who listens to LEEPA wonders where this 21-year-old gets her remarkable maturity from. Where do the young songwriter’s clarity and depth come from and why does everything she tells with her enigmatic, playful indie-pop sound, sound like a story you want to take your time with? The answer – she’s been through all kinds of things and knows what it’s like to need help and feel like no one is there.

“Now we’re broken hearts, cannot count the scars. Never thought that I’d be leaving you.”

LEEPA - “i'm sorry, are you?” press photo

“Would you choose to be happy if it meant that I stay? The way you’re looking at me makes me wanna run away. If I could take all of it back, say the things I never said, promise me tomorrow would be like we never left. Wake up in that bed like nothing ever happened, like we never did a bad thing.” — lyrics

LEEPA grew up fast, but she has her life under control today. She had a stint in therapy but broke away from her environment and managed to get her life under control. Since November 2018, she became clean, practicing being Vegan and focusing on self-betterment, all with the goal of becoming a strong female musician. Also, she is part of a generation that feels left alone, and she hasn’t forgotten that not everyone gets this lucky. She wants to change that with songs and an intimate, almost friendly connection to her listeners.

“i’m sorry, are you?” single

LEEPA - “i'm sorry, are you?” song cover art

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