LEEPA - “blood” press photo
Photo by Marvin Jockschat (OZMOZE)

LEEPA releases a wonderful music video for her new heartbreak anthem, entitled, “blood”

LEEPA is a rising singer-songwriter from Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful music video for her new heartbreak anthem, entitled, “blood,” via Sony Music Germany.

LEEPA – “blood” music video

“I cannot feel a thing in your presence. I’ve become stupid numb to your indiscretions. Can’t tell if I’m going crazy, dreading going home lately. You only seem to love me on my birthday. Yeah, you’ve messed me up in the worst way. I got problems ‘cause you gave them to me. It’s not normal to never feel seen. Don’t know how to love you, when you never loved me. I got you in my blood so I can’t cut you off.” – lyrics

‘blood’ tells a heartfelt tale about a needy young woman who has issues with being alone. Apparently, she doesn’t remember feeling cared for because the relationship she shares with her significant other feels forced. Therefore, she tells her partner, “I don’t know how to be loved. Because of you, I don’t know how to trust.”

‘blood’ was written after a phone call with a friend about a close relative. The conversation inspired LEEPA to write a song about co-dependency and toxic relationships, as each of us knows them from a different context. The fact that the conversation was about a blood relative of a friend of hers is reflected in the song title, but LEEPA can without a doubt draw her own parallels to the subject matter: “We all feel the same things, just for different reasons.” And so with “blood,” she delivers a chorus that is bound to creep underneath every listener’s skin.

“I got you in my blood so I can’t cut you off.”

LEEPA - “blood” press photo
Photo by Marvin Jockschat (OZMOZE)

“‘blood’ is about a person who is very selfish, but you can’t just ice them out because they play a key role in your life.” – LEEPA explained

‘blood’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Maggie Lindemann, Millie Turner, and Madison Beer. The vulnerable tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with contemporary pop, alternative, and ‘90s-inspired rock elements. Furthermore, if you are old or young enough to have liked Avril Lavigne as a teenager, you may well feel a touch of nostalgia while listening to it.

“Knowing it was all you don’t make it any less painful. I just hope one day I can heal.”

LEEPA - “blood” song cover art

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