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Discover Kristii’s New “My Baby” Single featuring Rich The Kid

Kristii (@kristiiofficial) is a popular singer-songwriter from Vienna, Austria. Not too long ago, she released a new Scott Storch-produced single, “My Baby,” featuring Rich The Kid.

Kristii – “My Baby” MV featuring Rich The Kid

“My Baby” captures the essence of admiration, affection, and unwavering devotion. The lyrics draw listeners into a world of luxury and romance, setting the stage with lines like “Have you ever made love to a million-dollar girl?” This opening line not only underscores the wealth but also elevates the romantic interest to an extraordinary status, suggesting a love affair marked by grandeur.

The imagery throughout the song is lush and extravagant. Phrases like “Dressed in diamonds and the pearls” paint a picture of a lover adorned in the finest jewels, emphasizing the preciousness and high value placed on the relationship. The indulgence in luxury extends beyond material items to experiences, with references to private, stadium-like settings that suggest an exclusive, almost surreal, intimacy.

Within the broader context of contemporary love songs, “My Baby” stands out for its seamless integration of wealth and heartfelt emotion, appealing to fans of artists like Chris Brown, Ella Mai, and ROSALÍA – who celebrate romance through lavish and passionate themes. Lines like “no audience but you and me” further emphasize this intimacy, portraying a love that thrives away from the public eye, in private moments that are cherished and exclusive.

“For my, baby, I’ll ride or die.”

Kristii and Rich The Kid photo

“‘My Baby’ is a love song about a boy who falls for a girl he’s never met before—a stylish, modern, young, and captivating lady named Kristii. Rich the Kid confesses his love for her. He is surprised and amazed by her beauty and charm, recognizing that she is an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind girl on this planet. Have you ever been with a million-dollar girl?” – Kristii explained

Kristii was raised in the musical town of Vienna, where genius composers like W. Mozart and J. Strauss came from. Kristii has a strong opera-trained voice. She’s inspired by Beyonce‘s style, Mariah Carey’s vocals, and R&B-Soul music. Influenced by artists like Sade, Toni Braxton, and Ciara, Kristii’s music speaks for a generation of boys and girls who fall in and out of love.

Kristii has collaborated with various artists worldwide and songwriters including Verse Simmonds, GinoTheGhost, Tommy Brown, Fabe Paperboy, Carmen Reece, and Chayenne Lavene. As she continues her upward trajectory, Kristii has gained organic virality with her music in Europe and the U.S. With a strong opening statement and many fans around the world waiting for her next move, Kristii is giving people positive energy and a chance to love themselves as they are.

Kristii – “My Baby” single featuring Rich The Kid

Kristii - “My Baby” single featuring Rich The Kid cover art

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