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joan releases a lovely audiovisual for their “nervous” single

joan (Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford) is an acclaimed alternative pop duo from Little Rock, Arkansas. Not long ago, they released a lovely audiovisual for their “nervous” single via Photo Finish Records. The video showcases joan singing against radiant light-filled hues of neon pink, blue, and green.

joan – “nervous” music video

“Try not to throw up my breakfast and I’m obsessively trying to hide. You make me feel like I’m in high school tripping over my shoes. Starting to sweat, and now I’m checking my breath. I don’t know if you notice you’re my singular focus. So stuck in my head, I wish I cared less. It’s not like me to bite my tongue and hold back. But something keeps on getting in the way.” – lyrics

‘nervous’ tells an intriguing tale about a guy who gets nervous whenever he is around his love interest. Apparently, he’s afraid to tell this person how he feels because he doesn’t want to mess things up between them. Later, he courageously tells his love interest, “When you’re around, I don’t know how to not freak out ‘cause you make me nervous and now I’m slurring my words.”

‘nervous’ also takes listeners back to their own memories of the schoolyard experiencing their first crush. This kind of infatuation stirs a myriad of intense emotions, and joan brilliantly depicts that thrilling yet unsettling feeling of intoxication. The emotional and nostalgic single entices with honey-dipped vocals over a unique kaleidoscope of sounds including beatboxing, clapping, and wistful acoustic guitars. joan sings with passion, “You make me wish I was your shadow; know everything you know. You’re so intelligent that it’s taking my breath. It’s not like me to freeze up in the moment but somehow, I’ve forgotten how to speak.”


joan press photo

“We wrote this song with the lovely Emily Falvey of Nashville and Jonathan Capeci from Nightly. And the second we all walked into the room together there was immediate chemistry between us. We wanted to get as close to the emotion of a sort of school-like love story, where you constantly want to be around them, but you also literally feel like you’re going to throw up because you’re so nervous and you don’t want to say the wrong thing around them. It’s such a cool and distinct feeling, we hope this song takes you back to that place.” – joan explained

joan is known for creating expansive pop music from inside their bedrooms in deepest Middle America. Their infectious blend of pop eras, DIY, self-sustaining aesthetic, and deep connection with their fanbase has resulted in international success with over 120 million streams and sold-out shows across the globe including headlining 15,000+ capacity venues in Asia. Furthermore, joan has enjoyed U.S. and international tours supporting the likes of Jeremy Zucker, COIN, Bloc Party, and The Aces. Also, they played to fans across Asia with headline shows and festivals in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

joan – “superglue” album

joan - “superglue” album cover

‘nervous’ follows the announcement of joan’s 20-date nationwide U.S. headlining tour beginning May 13th, to support their upcoming highly anticipated debut album, “superglue,” out April 19, 2023. The project is an existential journey influenced by the duo’s recent transition into fatherhood. Over three years in the making, the album follows their beloved EPs (portra, cloudy, hi, and bye).

joan’s music has been streamed over 160 million times, with well over a million listeners a month across streaming platforms. Therefore, it’s safe to say that 2023 promises to be their biggest year yet.

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