joan - “loner” press photo

joan releases a lyric video for their “loner” single

joan (Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford) is an acclaimed alternative pop duo from Little Rock, Arkansas. Not long ago, they released a lyric video for their “loner” single via Photo Finish Records.

joan – “loner” lyric video

“Room full of faces, but they all seem so fake to me. Smiling and drinking, but it leaves a bitter taste. Then you walked in, something in the air just told me you understand me. All of these people just parted like the red sea but, I’m all in my head. I’ve never let someone in ’cause I’m just a loner, hope you don’t mind. Come lay here with me, let’s find ourselves in the sky. All of these people make me wanna cry. Let’s leave this party and I’ll show you where we can hide.” – lyrics

‘loner’ tells an intriguing tale about a young guy who finds himself feeling uncertain at a social gathering. He admits, “I pulled out my headphones to drown out my insecurities. I thought I lost them, but they’re still here mocking me.” Later, someone does something to make him feel special. Now, he’s spinning around in that individual’s orbit. With a happy heart, he tells his new friend, “Write it in stone, together alone, you make me high. When you’re here with me, I find myself in the sky.”

‘loner’ is the latest offering from joan’s upcoming debut album, entitled, “superglue.” The highly anticipated project is set to be released on April 19th, 2023.


joan - “loner” press photo

“You know when you go to a party or really anything with crowds, and you have that sort of pit in your stomach because you don’t feel like you belong, and you really just don’t want to be there? That’s what ‘loner’ is about — being in those situations and knowing you’re better off just sticking to your own corner and keeping to yourself. But it’s also about someone walking into that party that sees you and gets you and feels the same way you do. And you’re thinking, “I’d rather be alone, you’d rather be alone, should we be alone together?” And all of a sudden, the thought of being with someone doesn’t seem so bad.” – joan explained

joan is known for creating expansive pop music from inside their bedrooms. Their infectious blend of pop eras, DIY, self-sustaining aesthetic, and deep connection with their fanbase has resulted in international success with over 150 million streams and sold-out shows across the globe including headlining 15,000+ capacity venues in Asia.


joan has spent the past few years building their world, single by single, tour date by tour date; from their debut EP, 2019’s “portra,” to the much-loved, “cloudy,” and its sister EP, “partly cloudy,” to 2021’s “hi” and “bye” EPs. So far, their songs have been streamed over 120 million times, with well over a million listeners a month across streaming platforms.

joan has enjoyed U.S. and international tours supporting the likes of Jeremy Zucker, COIN, Bloc Party, and The Aces. Also, they have played to fans across Asia with headline shows and festivals in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore. and Hong Kong.

joan U.S. tour dates

joan - superglue live in concert

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