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Femke releases a cinematic music video for her brand-new single, entitled, “Love Somebody Else”

Femke (@femkesongs) is a Grammy-winning producer, songwriter, and artist from the Netherlands. Not too long ago, she released a cinematic music video for her brand-new single, titled, “Love Somebody Else.”

Femke – “Love Somebody Else” music video

“When I lived in L.A., I had an ex-boyfriend who ended up being a stalker. He was incredibly good at being two completely different people, and to the outside world, no one would ever be able to see that other side of him. A big part of this song is about how you fall in love with one person, and you think that that’s who they are, until you realize it was actually someone else who just made you want to believe they were the person you fell in love with. It’s been years ago that this has happened, but it took a while to not walk around scared.” – Femke explained

Femke sings, “I thought you were good, and I thought you were kind. The most dangerous man never wears a disguise, they hide in plain sight.” Even the Devil walks with angels sometimes. So she crosses her heart and hopes for the best. She thought what they had was sacred but now she’s forced to love somebody else. Later, she tells her former partner, “I never should’ve loved you better than myself.”

‘Love Somebody Else’ contains soft vocals and a sad narrative that will resonate well with fans of Holly Humberstone, Charli Adams, and José González. The sentimental tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with indie pop and contemporary elements. Furthermore, “Love Somebody Else” is the second single from Femke’s EP.

“I’ll never get back what you took that night.”

Femke press photo

Femke produces for Belle Mt, Kane Miller, LIEZA, and Dancing on Tables. She moved to the USA 10 years ago to pursue her dream of working in music. She has worked as a composer and or musician on several projects such as ABC’s 10 Things I Hate About You and sang on the soundtrack of the movie “Fired Up” with Mark Hoppus from Blink 182.

Femke has also toured the US with several acts as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist and won a Latin Grammy with her contribution to the “Transformacion” album by Beto Cuevas. Having lived in Boston and Los Angeles, she decided to land in Nashville in 2012 and start her own studio.

Femke’s musical aspirations know no borders and in the last 2 years, she has worked with artists from the US as well as from Canada, Germany, Thailand, China, Holland, and the UK, traveling all over the world with her portable studio.

In 2017, Femke started LV Music in collaboration with Tone Tree Music. It’s a platform for her artists that she is developing to get their music and art out into the world while making sure they keep their artist integrity and sound just like they want to sound.

Femke – “Love Somebody Else” single

Femke - “Love Somebody Else” cover art

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