Femke – “Safe in the Suburbs” press photo

Femke’s “Dead End Street” Single: A Guide to Life’s Struggles

Femke (@femkesongs) is a Grammy-winning producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, label owner, and soundtrack composer from the Netherlands. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Dead End Street” single.

Femke – “Dead End Street” music video

“This song is about truly knowing yourself and being okay with it. We all have flaws and instead of trying to hide them, sometimes it’s better to just be open and let everyone know where you are in life versus trying to pretend to want or do something else. This came out of a writing camp with 3 complete strangers via Zoom. We were all in different parts of the globe, but we all felt the same way that day.” – Femke explained

The video for “Dead End Street” follows the characters that were first introduced in the video for the title track earlier this year and built on by last month’s video for “Love Somebody Else.” Dead End Street is featured on Femke’s debut five-track EP, “Safe in the Suburbs,” on Enci Records.

Femke – “Safe in the Suburbs” EP

Femke – “Safe in the Suburbs” EP cover

“The songs are very personal, but I’ve tried to write them in a way that is relatable to other people. My goal is to find an audience that is looking for something other than Top 40 love songs, music that is relevant to them. I want to speak to those who don’t believe they belong in a way that they feel heard.” – Femke explained

Femke recorded “Safe in the Suburbs” EP at her home studio in Nashville, playing all the instruments and producing. The songs on the project form a narrative, with the title track hinting at the alienation and saddened emotions that lurk behind the neat façade of split-level homes and mowed lawns. The videos for the EP are thematically linked, underpinning the cinematic visions the songs themselves create.

Finding herself alone during the pandemic, Femke ended up writing the songs for the EP, the culmination of her experience composing music for film and TV with its visual motifs – as can be seen in the videos for the first three singles, including the title track, followed by “Love Somebody Else.”

Femke – “Love Somebody Else” music video

“When I lived in L.A., I had an ex-boyfriend who ended up being a stalker. He was incredibly good at being two completely different people, and to the outside world, no one would ever be able to see that other side of him. A big part of this song is about how you fall in love with one person, and you think that that’s who they are, until you realize it was actually someone else who just made you want to believe they were the person you fell in love with. It’s been years ago that this has happened, but it took a while to not walk around scared.” – Femke explained

Femke (Weidema) was born in Drachten, a rural town in Friesland which she dubs “the Kentucky of the Netherlands,” with a population under 50,000, where she played accordion and studied classical music at a Dutch conservatory not far from her home. As a songwriter, Femke won the regional finals of the Netherlands’ Grand Pop Prize before receiving a full scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she studied voice and composition, winning several awards, including an ASCAP Harold Adamson scholarship, which enabled her to study under Lin Manuel Miranda as part of the Johnny Mercer Foundation at Northwestern University in Chicago.


Femke – “Safe in the Suburbs” EP press photo

Moving to Los Angeles, she became part of the city’s film and TV music community, composing scores with jazz musician, Don Grusin, and then working at Hans Zimmer’s famed Remote Control. Showing her versatility as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Femke sang along with Blink-182 on the soundtrack of the movie “Fired Up.”

She relocated to Nashville to pursue her ambitions to write, record, and produce herself. She proved an adept writer in a variety of genres, including Latin and County, penning the single, “Goodbye,” on Latin Grammy winner Beto Cuevas’ Transformacion, named Pop Album of the Year in 2014, and having her song “Smoke,” a collaboration with Jade Halliwell, honored as Song of the Year at the British Country Music Awards.

Femke – “Dead End Street” single

Femke - Dead End Street cover

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