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Cassidy King releases a dazzling pop single, entitled, “Matcha Tea”

Cassidy King is a talented singer-songwriter from Chardon, Ohio. Not too long ago, she released a dazzling pop single, entitled, “Matcha Tea.”

Cassidy King – “Matcha Tea” lyric video

“She told me she likes matcha tea and flowers. She thrifts her jeans and she wears shirts with collars. And she sleeps in ‘cause we stay up for hours. She’ll say she’s never wrong. She don’t need nobody, she’s better on her own. Got me running ’round in circles ‘cause she don’t know what she wants. But she’s got me and she won’t let me get close. She’s been weighing out her options, she gets anyone she wants and I get it.” – lyrics

‘Matcha Tea’ is about Cassidy King’s first romantic encounter with an LA girl. After moving to the city of the angels, she experienced what it’s like to be the new girl on the block. Oftentimes, Cassidy felt she wasn’t enough for her cool new friend. With a heavy heart, she sings, “If I had the world to give her, she wouldn’t let mе. She’s got too many. I never said it, even though it hurts to miss her, she made me better. I’ll never forget her.”

‘Matcha Tea’ contains a post-relationship-based narrative, ear-soothing vocals, and charming melodies that will surely resonate well with the adoring fans of Wrenn, Girl In Red, and Lauren Sanderson. The emotionally drenched, I-miss-you song possesses luxurious guitar-laden instrumentation spiced with a moody contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “Matcha Tea” is another exquisite offering from an artist who has already secured a nice spot on the highly competitive pop landscape.

“I’ll keep dreaming about her for hours.”

Cassidy King comes from a small town (of only 5,000 people) snuggled in the outskirts of the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. At an early age, she discovered what has become a lifelong passion for music, inspired by everyone from Fiona Apple to Paramore.

Finding herself in a recording studio never seemed like a possibility until a friend’s video of Cassidy singing in her dormitory stairwell went viral on Twitter. She spent the next few years attending college and waitressing during the day to pay for studio time at night. Releasing her debut EP, “Not so Picture Perfect,” in 2020, Cassidy felt the liberation of self-acceptance and identified a genuine path as an artist.

“Matcha Tea” single

Cassidy King - “Matcha Tea” cover
Photo by @lindseypoy

“Maybe if things were different, I could be honest for once. I’d tell you how I feel, and you would acknowledge it. So, call me when your world stops spinning, I want to be on it. Just know that I still miss you, but you never wanted me.” – lyrics

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