Zoë Ferguson - “Die Alone”
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Zoë Ferguson releases an honest pop single, entitled, “Calories”

Zoë Ferguson is a rising 21-year-old singer-songwriter and social media influencer from Portland, Oregon. Not too long ago, she released a lyric video for her honest pop single, titled, “Calories.” The song finds Zoë digging deep and looking below the surface to deliver one of her most personal and empowering songs to date. After sharing a short, acoustic clip of her performing “Calories” on TikTok late last year, the response was immediate, and the clip quickly went viral. Fans and strangers alike have been latching on and patiently waiting for its release ever since.

Zoë Ferguson – “Calories” lyric video

“Tired of pretending like I don’t have a clue. And saying I’m not hungry so I have an excuse. But then I’m left with nothing if I eat something, and I’ll hate the way I look in the mirror. So I go out running, call it fun, and then after, I’ll skip dinner. If only I could love my body, do you think it would make life easier for me? Because I can’t breathe after counting all my calories. If I can’t even love a single part of me when I’m so weak counting all my calories.” – lyrics

‘Calories’ tells a sincere tale about a young woman who hates how she looks in the mirror. Apparently, she has low self-esteem and often treats herself in an unpleasant way because she is unhappy with her image. With a heavy heart, she reveals, “If only I could love you like I love the color blue. Then, maybe, I’d be a little nicer to you.” Seconds later, she asks an intriguing question to her reflection, “Do you think I could love somebody if I can’t even love a single part of me?”

‘Calories’ contains a relatable, self-hate narrative and ear-soothing vocals that will resonate well with fans of  Lennon Stella, Tate McRae, and Charlotte Lawrence. The emotional tune possesses moody instrumentation flavored with a warm contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “Calories” follows hot on the heels of Zoë Ferguson’s most recent single, “Die Alone,” which continues to find praise, rack up streams, and stir Zoë’s devoted 500k+ followers into a frenzy.

“Can this nightmare be over please?”

Zoë Ferguson - “Die Alone” press photo
Photo by @ameliephotography2

“I wrote ‘Calories’ about two years ago when I was really having a hard time with an eating disorder. I needed an outlet for how I was feeling, so I sat down and started writing. This song is very personal to me because it is a very sensitive subject and it’s about my biggest life struggle. I think it’s the right time to release it because I’ve done a lot of healing between now and then and I think I am finally ready to share this part of my life with the world. I say a lot of things about mental health/body image in this song that I think many people are too scared to say out loud. It definitely hits home for anyone who has ever struggled with body image, and I hope it helps people relate and feel less alone.” – Zoë Ferguson explained

Continually turning heads and proving herself as an artist to watch at every turn, Zoë Ferguson undoubtedly has her finger on the pulse and has the talent, drive, and work ethic to back it up. Since the release of “Probably About You,” Zoë’s online presence has taken off, with over 350k engaged followers tuning in around the world on TikTok and Snapchat. With her new fans now along for the ride, the anticipation for her new music is higher than ever, and thankfully, the music she has coming is undoubtedly some of her best work to date.

“Calories” single

Zoë Ferguson - “Calories” cover art

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