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Victory Brooks’ “PRETTYRICH” Single: Exploring the Concepts of “Pretty Privilege” & “Beauty Cash”

Victory Brooks (@victorybrooksofficial) is a rising contemporary rap artist based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a luxurious anthem that we’ve all been waiting for, PRETTYRICH.

Victory Brooks – PRETTYRICH single

“Cheekbones sharper than my diamonds. Diamonds are better when they’re free. Best friends hanging on my neck, don’t need ya. So, talk your sh*t, you sound cheap. You know my genetics, those b*tches are overzealous. No wonder that you’re jealous, don’t know where I came from. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, nah. But pretty privilege is a feast too. They call me Nepo, baby, and think I got a trust fund. I tell them it’s so crazy, what God gave me, Beauty Cash, I’m rich like that.” – lyrics

PRETTYRICH dives deep into the intriguing concepts of “Pretty Privilege” and “Beauty Cash.” The infectious blend of pop and rap effortlessly combines Victory Brooks’ melodic prowess and lyrical finesse. She raps, “Taste like honey and I catch them like flies. Face like money look, oh, I’m a dime.” Later, she reveals more details about her pretty privilege, “I’m fortunate I’m pretty, got a fortune and I’m spendy. Primadonna on a bendy, pour the brandy in the blendy.”

PRETTYRICH is a catchy play on words, reminding listeners that genuine wealth extends far beyond the monetary. The song contains a luxurious narrative, lavish lyrics, and rich melodies that will surely resonate well with fans of Flyana Boss, BIA, Ashnikko, Qveen Herby, Catt McCreary, and Brooke Candy. PRETTYRICH is also the perfect thematic tune for anyone who likes wearing expensive clothes while taking a jet to Belize or spending the weekend in a complimentary suite at the Four Seas with unlimited room service.

“Catch my scent, I’m a bottle no. 5. Sound like (money) when I walk by.”

Victory Brooks press photo

Victory Brooks‘ music reflects a wide range of stylistic influences: pop-leaning hypnotic vocals and genre-blending instrumentations sprinkled with unapologetic lyrics. Her main lyrical themes are based on the highs and the lows of being young and on the rise, twisted love, and the journey from a childhood spent in Moscow, Russia, to becoming a well-supported artist in Los Angeles.

Victory Brooks – PRETTYRICH single

Victory Brooks – PRETTYRICH cover art

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