Spencer Crandall and Shaylen press photo
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Spencer Crandall releases a lovely performance video for his “To Be Continued…” single featuring Shaylen

Leaning into his ability to fluidly cross genres, Spencer Crandall invites his fans into this on-again, off-again relationship with his new, emotive Country single, tilted, “To Be Continued…,” produced by Brad Hill and Lalo Guzman, Originally released on his 20-track mega album, “Western,” the reimagined version enlists the Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Shaylen, whose soulful vocal gives depth and an undeniable swagger to the complex love story. Also, the pair released a hypnotic video that narrates the push and pull of a cyclical relationship.

Spencer Crandall – “To Be Continued…” performance video featuring Shaylen

“The performance video with Shaylen was so fun! It felt like our vision for the song really came to life and we had way too much fun making it. Shaylen brings so much good energy to the song and the video. I can’t wait for people to see it!” – Spencer Crandall explained

Written by Crandall with Joe Tounge, and Nate Dodge, the irresistible collaboration comes just weeks after Crandall released new renditions of fan-favorite hits “Made (Wedding Version)” and “Girls Like You (Stripped).” Giving sneak peeks of new music and engaging with his fanbase, Crandall continues to grow his social media audience, amassing over 3M followers who love following along his music-making journey.

With over 300M streams under his belt, the artist “on the cusp of Country stardom” (People) will wrap his headlining tour this month with shows on May 19th in Detroit, Michigan, and on May 20th in Lexington, Kentucky, before taking the stage at CMA Fest on June 11th. For tickets and more information, visit SpencerCrandallMusic.com.

Sahylen and Spencer CrandallShaylen and Spencer Crandall press photo

Unfiltered. Unconventional. And above all, unapologetic. Those are the defining traits of a whole new generation of Country stars – and Spencer Crandall is one of them. As one of Country’s most progressive new talents, self-made, and as dynamic as they come, Crandall has no time to say “sorry” for his raw, soul-baring stories. Driven toward greatness, he’s got no remorse for his big dreams and pulls no punches with his ever-evolving sound.

The Nashville-based artist has spent years combining pop’s untamed energy with the confessional lyricism of Country, opening territory no one before him even knew existed – and with his ambitious new 20-track album, “Western,” the frontier expands again.

Spencer Crandall – “Western” album

Spencer Crandall - Western cover art

Growing up in Denver with a tight-knit family, the creative powerhouse was taught hard work and dedication and learned his lessons well – even playing football in college. But when injuries ended his career, the standout athlete was officially out of his comfort zone. Fully embracing his natural, genre-defying instincts, with ultra-smooth vocals, deeply personal themes, and hot-blooded performances, Crandall now counts 1.2M monthly Spotify listeners, 300M total career streams, more than 2.7M followers on TikTok, and fan engagement so off the charts it drives sold-out shows around the nation.

Crandall has released three albums before “Western,” made his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2022, and continues pushing toward the ultimate goal of a sold-out stadium performance – “Western” is just the next step. Crandall wraps up his 36-stop headlining Western tour on May 20th in Louisville, Kentucky.


Shaylen Press Photo

“Spencer has been so great to work with! Talk about someone who knows exactly what they want and the vision for the project with such brilliant ideas. And to watch it come to life with our voices together was so exciting. I can’t wait for this to finally be out!” – Shaylen explained

Shaylen is no stranger to the world of Country music. Her roots in the South are where her Country and gospel influences came from and are the core of who she is as an artist. A powerhouse vocalist at a young age, Shaylen has always had music in her soul.

After 10 years in Los Angeles, CA, as a pop artist with Republic Records, Shaylen found it was her time to come home. Her inaugural Country single, “What If I Don’t” (July 2022), gained instant attention in the Country music scene, reaching over 2.2 million streams across DSPs within the first month of its release, laying the groundwork for what’s to come.

Shaylen – “Roots” (Official Music Video)

Her second single, “Roots” (October 2022), is one of her most personally fulfilling tracks. Although Shaylen has made the jump from pop music to Country, she has always used her music as an avenue for working through emotions and experiences in life, while staying true to herself.

Spencer Crandall – “To Be Continued…” single

Spencer Crandall - “Western Reloaded” album cover art

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