Sody - “Frozen Lake” press photo
Photo by Joakim Wijk

Sody releases a haunting music video for her heartwarming new single, entitled, “Frozen Lake”

Sody (Sophie Dyson) is an emerging British star-in-the-making. Not too long ago, she released a haunting music video for her heartwarming new single, titled, “Frozen Lake.” The visual hits the soul’s core alongside Sody’s forever top-notch songwriting.  

Sody – “Frozen Lake” music video

“I’m here standin’ on a frozen lake. Heart is heavy, but the ice won’t break. Lookin’ down, I can see my face. I just wish I could take her place. That’s what happens when your feet get cold. You get used to doin’ what you’re told. Lookin’ down at what I can’t control. Gettin’ nowhere while I’m gettin’ old. But I’m still standin’.” – lyrics

‘Frozen Lake’ tells an intriguing tale about a young, withdrawn woman who is mentally dealing with a lot of issues. By a frozen lake, she patiently waits for something to pull her under. Too much dreaming of how to get over the hurdles on her path has her thinking in this dark and illogical way. Will she stand tall? Will she back herself out of the corner? Who knows? With a heavy heart, she tells herself, “My eyes are clear, but my mind’s a mess. One more step and I’m off the edge, but I’m gonna swim my way to heaven. You can’t stop me.”

“It’s so hard to dive into the open when you’re anchored where you are. I’m trying, but I don’t get far.”

Sody - “Frozen Lake” press photo
Photo by Joakim Wijk

“‘Frozen Lake’ encapsulates the feeling of being trapped and not being able to break free. The inspiration behind the song came from a recurring dream I was having and when I looked up the meaning, it said I was being held back in areas of my life and was unfulfilled with the direction I was going in. That was exactly how I was feeling in my career at the time but can also relate it to certain relationships too.” – Sody explained

‘Frozen Lake’ follows hot on the heels of Sody’s previously released tongue-in-cheek single, “Star Potential,” which presents questions about the expectations of young artists in the music industry.

Sody “Star Potential” music video

“I wrote this song when I felt like I wasn’t good enough for this industry. People were telling me I had all this potential to be something and ‘star quality’ yet nothing was moving in their eyes and opportunities weren’t being given to me. That’s when I made the decision to leave my label and become an independent artist again. To create my own destiny. Actions speak louder than words and I can’t pay my rent with exposure. I hope anyone that has a talent in something knows their worth!” – Sody explained

Prior to “Star Potential,”  Sody joined forces with Mae Muller, and highly tipped artists—Beren Olivia, Cat Burns, and Rachel Chinouriri, on Dylan‘s “Every Heart But Mine” single. In what is already proving to be a busy year of new music releases, fans can expect plenty more brilliance from Sody who is just getting started.

“I’m gonna swim my way to heaven.”

Sody “Star Potential” press photo
Photo by Henry James

Sody’s approach to raw songwriting has proven to be the winning blueprint throughout her career. Only two years after her debut song, she released her demo, “Whole,” which sat on Spotify’s Most Beautiful Songs in the World playlist for three consecutive years. Sody then released two Eps, I’m Sorry, I’m Not Sorry (2019), followed by real growth takes time (2020), over which her audience grew exponentially. The EP releases and the tracks that followed produced a slew of popular singles that captured the hearts of a growing global audience.

Sody – “B*tch (I Said It)” music video

“After years of releasing music about my sadness, ‘B*tch (i said it)’ takes me into this new, angrier phase. I do see the good in people a lot but there are only so many times you can put up with someone treating you badly. This song has given me new confidence and has enabled me to channel my emotions into a sort of cheeky rage rather than crying into my pillow energy. It’s the realization that you’re actually better off without them and now you can scream it from the rooftops!” – Sody explained

In 2019, Sody released the mid-tempo track, ‘butterfly,’ and emotively pensive, ‘is your bedroom ceiling bored?’ (2020) – a collaboration with Cavetown, and the brutally honest, ‘Bitch (I Said It)‘ (2021). The tracks were as versatile as they were strong. It was in moments like this that Sody won over tastemakers, media outlets, and fans alike.

Sody – “Frozen Lake” single

Sody - “Frozen Lake” cover art

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