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Cat Burns performs her “go” and “we’re not kids anymore” singles LIVE via her Vevo DSCVR session

Cat Burns is a talented singer-songwriter and musician from South London, England. Not too long ago, she performed her “go” and “we’re not kids anymore” singles LIVE via her Vevo DSCVR session.

Cat Burns – “go” (Vevo DSCVR performance)

“‘go’ is about a breakup a close friend of mine went through a couple of years ago. The song is about being betrayed and finally finding out that the person who should love you the most breaks your trust and completely ruins the relationship. It’s not a mean or ill-wishing song; it’s a song about realization but also disbelief at the same time.” – Cat Burns told DORK

Underpinned by honest lyrics and ear-pleasing vocals, “go” finds Cat Burns exploring the internal complex feelings people experience when going through the ebb and flows of mental health journeys, friendships, commitment, and abandonment issues. Also, “go” and “we’re not kids anymore” are featured on Cat’s debut EP, entitled, “emotionally unavailable.”

Cat Burns – “we’re not kids anymore” (performance)

“‘we’re not kids anymore’ is about friendship breakups. The song is about having those close friends you’ve grown up with when you were younger. Then life soon happens, and the friendship has changed its course, and you’ve gone on your own separate journeys, and nothing is the same as it was. It’s a sombre song and hopefully a song you can listen to when you wanna relive the friendship that once was in your mind.” – Cat Burns explained

‘emotionally unavailable’ details Cat Burns’s personal journey in an in-depth and profound way. The six-track project displays her blossoming artistry and heartfelt lyricism, showing her maturity as a singer-songwriter. Also, the EP is an incredible body of work that dives into how society has become detached yet so connected in the current age of social media. Cat unleashes her unique perspective for everyone to relate to.

Cat Burns – “emotionally unavailable” EP

Cat Burns – “emotionally unavailable” EP cover art

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