Foster - “fools (can't help falling in love)” press photo

Foster unveils a lovely audiovisual for his “fools (can’t help falling in love)” single featuring Sody

Foster is a Chattanooga-born rapper based in Nashville, TN. Not too long ago, he released a lovely audiovisual for his “fools (can’t help falling in love)” single featuring fast-rising British singer-songwriter, Sody.

Foster – “fools (can’t help falling in love)” music video featuring Sody

Since its release, “fools (can’t help falling in love)” has accumulated over 37 million views alone on TikTok and 14 million plays across other streaming platforms. Also, the track is destined to sink further into the heartstrings of its listeners as time goes on. Furthermore, “fools…” takes the timeless Elvis’s staple and transforms it into an even more easy-to-love anthem. Plus, the cinematic feel of the music video pays tribute to the original which is a song of mixed emotions. The original deals in lovelorn yearning, self-doubt, and joy. But Foster’s rework streamlines the original track’s core message from back in 1961 into one of unrequited love for the emos of 2020.


Foster - “fools (can't help falling in love)” press photo

“There was something about the night I first started writing ‘fools (can’t help falling in love).’ I was alone in my car parked in the rain listening to the beat (produced by Sarcastic Sounds), when the lyrics in the sample just struck a chord with me. I had heard the song [Can’t Help Falling in Love] a million times before. But, in this moment, it felt different. Also, it sparked a lot of emotion and inspiration for me. And I started thinking about how often I ‘rush in’ like a fool and end up falling into a one sided love-story with girls who are way out of my league. That’s something I deal with on a regular basis and it comes with a lot of emotional consequences. So I really wanted to capture exactly that. And try to add a new element to the original song that people like me could relate to on a deeper level.” – Foster explained


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Colin Foster Taylor is currently a senior at Belmont University in Nashville. In November, he is set to graduate with a degree in songwriting. The artist-to-watch grew up in a very musical family. He started writing and recording his own songs around the age of eight years old. And he would consistently post his music on SoundCloud, which now has an accumulation of over two million streams, with significant streams on Spotify, Apple, and other DSPs.


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“The original has a special place in my heart. So when I heard Foster’s version in lockdown, I was immediately drawn to it. It was a pleasure to sing on it and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!” – Sody stated

Foster describes himself as a “sad song machine.” He was extremely excited when he found out about Sody. She instantly fell in love with Foster’s version of a song she already loved. Foster takes inspiration from a number of different artists ranging from Mac Miller, John Mayer, to The Beatles. You can hear echoes of these and other artists in his music. Sometimes, he pulls from other’s experiences and mixes them with his own.

“fools (can’t help falling in love)” single

Foster - “fools (can't help falling in love)” cover art

We highly recommend adding Foster’s “fools (can’t help falling in love)” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below. Peace.

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