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SG Lewis drops a hypnotic rap tune, entitled, “A.A.T”, featuring Drew Love

SG Lewis is a London-based songwriter-producer and multi-instrumentalist. Not too long ago, he released a hypnotic rap tune, entitled, “A.A.T”, featuring rapper Drew Love from the hip-hop duo THEY.  

SG Lewis – “A.A.T” feat. Drew Love

“Drew is a seriously versatile artist who blends different genres so easily. He has the ability to flit between singing and rapping so effortlessly. I’m a huge fan of his work as ½ of THEY. and had wanted to work with him for ages. The studio flow was so natural, and we made two different tracks the first time we met. ‘A.A.T’ was the missing piece of the puzzle for ‘DARK’. Something brand new for me sound-wise. I’m super happy with how it turned out.” – SG Lewis

‘A.A.T’ is from the second phase of Lewis’ upcoming three-part concept album, entitled, “Dusk, Dark, Dawn”. The single contains a relatable narrative, luxurious raps, and hypnotic instrumentation flavored with electronic and trap elements. 

SG Lewis

SG Lewis at his sold out show in Brooklyn, New York
SG Lewis at his sold-out show in Brooklyn, New York.

It’s been an incredible twelve months for SG Lewis. He has sold out an expansive run of dates in Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America, including two nights in NYC, Toronto, Chicago, and LA.

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His ‘Dusk’ EP, which was released earlier this year, blends disco, smooth electro, and funk. The skittering, bass-laden “A.A.T” sets the tone for the album’s distinctly heavier second phase, entitled, “Dark”. The project will feature collaborations with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Bruno Major, and Dot Major from London Grammar.

We recommend adding SG Lewis’ “A.A.T” single to your personal playlist.

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