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Get to Know Nya and Her Deeply Personal Single, “Selfish Reason”

Nya (@thisisnyamusic) is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Tampa, Florida. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her new single, “Selfish Reason,” via This is Nya.

Nya – “Selfish Reason” single

“Selfish Reason” is a deeply personal song that showcases Nya’s raw emotions and vulnerability. Her talent and authenticity shine through in every note, making her an artist to watch in the music industry. In her own words, Nya describes “Selfish Reason” as the most authentic, heart-on-my-sleeve song she has ever written. It delves into love, grief, and gratitude themes, highlighting the people who make life worth living.

With heartfelt lyrics like “I’m gonna give you the selfish reason you can’t go dying, no, you can’t be leaving,” Nya’s passion shines through. She expresses the importance of those closest to us who understand our stories, scars, and bad nights.

“Selfish Reason” is a soul-stirring track that will resonate with Olivia Dean and Ed Sheeran supporters. Its emotional depth and Nya’s captivating vocals create an intimate connection with listeners. It’s a heartfelt plea to a loved one, begging them to stay and reminding them of their significance in your life.

“If you’re not on this planet I’m not ok.”

Nya - “Selfish Reason” press photo

“‘Selfish Reason’ is the most authentic, heart-on-my-sleeve song I’ve ever written. It’s about love and grief and gratitude; and those people who make life worth living.” – Nya explained

Nya’s soulful vibe and humble spirit have never cared to “fit in” to any mold. Therefore, her music reflects an inspiring boundlessness. She nurtured her artistic pursuits at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts and quickly discovered music to be the most powerful channel for her self-expression. Throughout her journey, she has remained rooted in her values of living one’s truth and spreading kindness and love.

Nya – “Selfish Reason” single

Nya - “Selfish Reason” cover art

“Begging you to wake up, world out of focus. Praying to whatever god cares to notice. So heavy in my arms, your eyes are closing. On a cold soho floor, this can’t be our last moment. You’re the only one who knows what it’s like. All the stories, all the scars, all the bad nights. I need you, I need ya, you’re my day one, you’re my soulmate. If you’re not on this planet, I’m not ok.” – lyrics

If you’re looking for a song that tugs at your heartstrings and speaks to the depths of human connection, give “Selfish Reason” a listen.

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