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Nya releases a music video for her “Love You to Death” single

Nya is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Tampa, Florida. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Love You to Death” single.

Nya – “Love You to Death”

“I just want to love you ’til you take your last breath. Better fall in line or it’s off with your head. I’m loving you to death. I needed you. Tell me what you’ve done ‘cause I know the truth. I’m tired of losing you. Tell me that you’re done, and you’ll cut my throat. I’m tired of this bleeding heart. Tell me that you’re done, tear it apart.” – lyrics

‘Love You to Death” tells a disturbing tale of a mentally unstable young woman who is overly obsessed with losing her beau to someone else.

Every waking moment, her tormenting suspicion pains her so much that she feels that her aching heart is bleeding. Later, she admits that the love which she shares with her beau is a crazy one.

Even more interesting is the fact that their fading relationship is on its deathbed. But she isn’t willing to accept that reality just yet.

When it all hits the fan, when she can no longer control her fear of losing him, she does the unthinkable by loving him to death.

Nya – “Love You to Death” single

Nya – “Love You to Death” press photo

“’Love You to Death’ channels those inescapable feelings of love and loss into a lush three-minute outpouring of slinky electronic ear candy. This song is an ode to the power that love has to take us to dark places. Are we watching the disturbing result of a shattered mind or the fever dream of a broken heart?” 

Nya, Brandon Sammons, and Kat Nielsen composed “Love You to Death”; and Sammons produced it. Also, Nya and Ira Chernova, an LA-based model and photographer, produced and directed the music video.

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