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noelle releases a sensational electro-dance single, entitled, “Never Going Home”

noelle is a rising singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a lyric video for her sensational electro-dance single, titled, “Never Going Home,” which follows mildly on the heels of her “Mars” single.

noelle – “Never Going Home” lyric video

“I’ve never felt this good as I do right now, when I’m dancing here on my own. I’ve never shined so bright when the lights go down. Got me feeling like a disco ball. I’m finally free, I’m finding me. I’m feeling good, and I don’t ever wanna leave. The music’s loud, I’m moving out, I thought you were the one, but I know better now. Gone away and I don’t miss you. Your touch is not the only issue. What’s love if it’s missing the truth?” – lyrics

‘Never Going Home’ is an infectious, unapologetic breakup anthem that embodies the euphoric feeling of leaving a relationship that has been holding you back and finally being free. With the help of Canadian pop icon/songwriter Alyssa Reid (bülow, Alessia Cara) and producer Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen, Alan Walker), “Never Going Home” oozes positive endorphins and begs you to dance like no one is watching. noelle sings with great passion, “I don’t need no Molly ’cause I’ve never been so high. Dancing with my hands up like I’m gonna touch the sky.”

“I’ve never felt as good as I do right now.”

noelle - “Never Going Home” cover art

“I hate to be the one that leaves. I see your tears, but no there ain’t no stopping me. You’re on my phone, I’m letting go. I’ma do myself and take it nice and slow.” – lyrics

noelle has broken the mold for what it means to be an indigenous pop artist in 2023. She is forging a path all her own. With eight million global streams, noelle kicked off the year being named the iHeartRadio Future Star, garnered her first Top 15 radio hit, and completed her first cross-country tour with Virginia to Vegas and Ria Mae. Also, noelle was currently nominated for her first CMW INDIES Award for Indigenous Artist of the Year.

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