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noelle releases a heartfelt indie-pop ballad, entitled, “Stupid”

noelle is a rising singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt indie-pop ballad, entitled, “Stupid,” inspired by a long-distance relationship.

noelle – “Stupid” single

“We got lost at Union Station and you held my hand, said we’d get home somehow. Summer nights spent in the basement of your parent’s house, trying not to be too loud. Even knowing how it ends, I would do it all again. The sadness and the impulses – wanna feel them all again. Was I stupid for falling in love when I knew that we couldn’t handle it? Was I stupid to give you my heart, when we knew from the start that we would fall apart?” – lyrics

‘Stupid’ tells a sad tale about a vulnerable young woman who finds herself boarding a train. Apparently, she’s leaving behind a special someone who she greatly admires and loves. Also, she’s heartbroken that their summer romance or relationship has painfully come to an end, and now they have to communicate from a distance via telephone conversations. “We said we’d make it work, we didn’t know what that meant,” she tells her lover in a polite way. “Phone calls they were keepin’ me sane, now they feel like work.” Later, during their conversation, she admits, “Guess it was what it was, I’m just happy I met you. I’ll be wishing you well, guess that… it wasn’t love.”

“Was I stupid for falling in love when I knew that we couldn’t handle it?”

noelle - “Stupid” press photo

“My heartfelt single, ‘Stupid,’ was inspired by a long-distance relationship. Falling in love is such an amazing feeling, but it can fall apart when distance is involved. ‘Even knowing how it ends, I would do it all again. The sadness and the impulses, want to feel them all again.’ These lyrics make me emotional. Even having gone through so much sadness, wanting to feel it all again just to experience a few good moments again is so beautiful.” – noelle explained

noelle initially found her footing via YouTube. Since then, she has amassed a following of 94.2K subscribers resulting from her viral covers of timeless classics and today’s biggest acts – most notably, Frank Ocean and Sabrina Claudio.

noelle was raised in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario, in a family and community that surrounded her with music. Her upbringing exposed her to a vast range of musical genres, from Nat King Cole and Sarah Vaughan, to the pow wow drum and native wind flute from her indigenous roots. She expressed her thoughts and emotions at her piano, coupled with a reality she sought to transcend. Eventually, noelle started writing her own music as a therapeutic form of self-expression.

“Stupid” single

noelle - “Stupid” song cover art

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