Madisyn Gifford - “Prettiest B*tch” press photo
Photo by Lindsey Blane

Madisyn Gifford releases a lovely music video for her “Prettiest Bitch” single

Madisyn Gifford is a rising singer-songwriter from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her “Prettiest Bitch” single.

Madisyn Gifford – “Prettiest Bitch” visualizer

“The ‘Prettiest Bitch’ video was so fun to make and film! I basically wanted to play with the concept of the song and put myself under a spotlight while I lip sync along to the lyrics essentially allowing the song to call myself out. I’m proudly wearing a dress with a third-place medal as the halter the same way I’m proudly owning up to so many of my own issues in the song, and my hope was for it to be simultaneously funny and empowering. I was lucky enough to work with director Lindsey Blane again on this project! We played with a lot of the lyrics using props as well, and I think it really brings the song to life!” – Madisyn Gifford explained

‘Prettiest Bitch’ tells a satirical tale about a young woman who oftentimes lets her pride get in the way. She’s vain in many ways but manages to count her blessings every single day. Of course, she has flaws like everyone else, so she’s not bothered if you consider her a mess because she’s used to being the topic of discussion. Later, she openly admits, “My mouth can be a little big sometimes. I’ll spill my guts to people I don’t even like.”

Madisyn Gifford

Madisyn Gifford - “Prettiest B*tch” press photo
Photo by Lindsey Blane

Madisyn Gifford has joined the new generation of Canadian artists getting noticed in the rising pop scene. To date, she has already accumulated over 1.2M YouTube views and 682K Spotify streams since her debut release, “Without You,” in 2020. Her transcendent take on indie-folk with an integral pop tinge has earned accolades from media, industry moguls, and music-loving masses alike; but with her latest output, Madisyn is proving herself to be a complete creative force, serving up stories and introspections as compelling as the soundtrack to which they’re set.

Despite having just hit her 20s, the quick-blooming, genre-bending artist has been quite prolific, dropping her debut EP, “Learning to Exist,” via 604 Records in the spring of 2021 and heralded follow-up LP, “I hate ur guts,” less than a year later. Now, she’s putting the final touches on the next musical milestone of what’s already an impressive artistic path. Madisyn has seen her fanbase swell consistently and organically along the way, earning millions of streams across the major platforms.

Madisyn Gifford – “Prettiest Bitch” single

Madisyn Gifford - “Prettiest Bitch” cover art

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