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Madisyn Gifford releases a lovely lyric video for her new indie-folk single, entitled, “For Shaughnessy”

Madisyn Gifford is a rising singer-songwriter from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a lovely lyric video for her new indie-folk single, titled, “For Shaughnessy.” The song was written for Madisyn’s best friend and it was neither intended to be recorded nor released.

Madisyn Gifford – “For Shaughnessy” lyric video

“I think you’re made of sunshine. Yeah, I think you’re made of gold. I think you might just be the warmest place I’ve ever known. I’d like to keep you in my pocket. Keep you safe and dry. I know you never liked the clouds, so I’ll turn on a light. Vignette around the edges, I can feel it creeping in. So let’s play the license plate game and then forget who wins. I wanna race to the part of the movie that you love, pretend that the ocean is our own secret club.” – lyrics

‘For Shaughnessy’ is a deeply personal track written for one of Madisyn Gifford’s best friends during the friend’s darkest hours. Madisyn displays her unconditional love in the best way she knows how, via songwriting. With a caring heart, Madisyn sings ever so beautifully, “I wanna make it go away, I wanna open all the blinds. Paint a room so pretty you’ll always feel like you’re outside.” But Madisyn isn’t naive, she knows she can’t fix what her friend is going through. But you can bet your bottom dollar she will try.

“When I see you in my head you’re always dancing running wild.”

Madisyn Gifford - “Sleeping on the Ceiling” album photo
Photo by Lindsey Blane

“‘For Shaughnessy’ is a song that I wrote for my best friend when she was going through one of the hardest seasons of her life. I wrote it in a moment of surrender because there was really nothing I could do to fix what she was facing. And whenever I’m put in a position like that, the only thing I ever know how to do is write. Originally, I was only going to give it to her on a flash drive for her birthday and not release it because it felt a bit too personal, but she loved it so much that we decided to put it out. It makes me more emotional than any song I’ve ever written, and I also think it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written just because of how much it means to me. I’m so honored to have such incredible friends and I’m so honored to have the opportunity to share this song about one of my favorite people.” – Madisyn Gifford explained

‘For Shaughnessy’ fuels the burning power of friendship and it is the focus track of Madisyn Gifford’s brand-new sophomore album, entitled, “Sleeping on the Ceiling.”

Madisyn Gifford – “Sleeping on the Ceiling” album

Madisyn Gifford - “Sleeping on the Ceiling” album cover art
Photo by Lindsey Blane

‘Sleeping on the Ceiling’ features a handful of unreleased originals accompanied by fan-favorite releases such as the deeply introspective “Dancing On This Line,” celebratory bop “21,” and the lighthearted self-satirical “Hospital Beds,” and “Prettiest Bitch.”

Madisyn Gifford continues to prove herself to be a complete creative force, serving up stories and introspections as compelling as the soundtrack to which they’re set. Her transcendent take on indie-folk with an integral pop tinge has earned accolades from media, industry moguls, and music-loving masses alike.

Despite having just hit her 20s, the quick-blooming, genre-bending artist has been quite prolific, dropping her debut EP, “Learning to Exist,” via 604 Records in the spring of 2021, and the heralded follow-up LP, “I hate ur guts,” less than a year later. Now, she’s putting the final touches on the next musical milestone of what’s already an impressive artistic path.

Madisyn Gifford – “For Shaughnessy” single

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