Madisyn Gifford - “Seventeen” press photo

Discover the Fresh Sound of Madisyn Gifford’s “Seventeen” Single

Madisyn Gifford (@madisyngifford), a rising singer-songwriter from Vancouver, BC, Canada, has just unveiled her latest single, “Seventeen.” Released via 604 Records, this folk-infused pop track marks the first new single from Madisyn’s forthcoming album.

Madisyn Gifford – “Seventeen” single

“Seventeen” showcases a fresh, folk-tinged pop sound that diverges from Madisyn’s previous work. Yet, it remains grounded in her introspective songwriting abilities. The track’s lyrical content delves into the whimsical and often embarrassing emotions associated with having a crush, akin to being a teenager again.

In her own words, Madisyn Gifford explained, “‘Seventeen’ is a song about that middle school feeling we all get when we’re first falling for someone, wanting to walk up to your crush, poke them, and then run away. Through writing it, I was essentially exploring the fear, excitement, and also embarrassment of having a crush on someone now as an adult instead of as a teenager, feeling like I’m seventeen again.”

Working closely with producer Jared Manierka, Madisyn ventured into new musical territories by incorporating country and folk influences into the track. She expressed her excitement about this collaboration, stating, “My producer Jared Manierka and I also explored a lot more country and folk influences on this track which is something I was so excited to do because I’ve been wanting to make music like this for so long! This song makes me smile big time in all of its earnesty and I’m so excited to share it!”

With its heartfelt lyrics and innovative sound, “Seventeen” is a promising glimpse into what Madisyn Gifford’s upcoming album holds. Fans of folk-pop and introspective songwriting have much to look forward to as this talented artist continues to evolve and expand her musical horizons.

Madisyn Gifford

Madisyn Gifford press photo

Madisyn Gifford’s transcendent take on indie-folk, infused with integral pop tinges, has earned her accolades from media, industry moguls, and the music-loving masses alike. She is proving herself to be more than just a musician; she is a complete creative force. Her ability to serve up stories and introspections that are as compelling as the soundtracks they accompany has set her apart in the crowded music landscape.

Since releasing her debut EP, “Learning to Exist,” via 604 Records in the spring of 2021, Madisyn has been nothing short of prolific. Her follow-up LPs, I Hate Ur Guts and Sleeping on the Ceiling, have further cemented her status as a quick-blooming, genre-bending artist. Each release showcases her versatility and ability to blend different musical styles seamlessly.

Madisyn Gifford’s journey has seen her fanbase grow consistently and organically, earning her millions of streams across major platforms. Her music has been covered by tastemaking outlets, and she has performed live on national networks, further solidifying her place in the industry. Now, as she puts the final touches on her next musical milestone, it’s clear that Madisyn’s impressive artistic path is only just beginning.

“Seventeen” single

Madisyn Gifford - Seventeen cover art

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