Kate Stewart press photo
Photo by Cosmo Webber

Kate Stewart releases a spectacular Valentine’s Day message to the ex, entitled, “Hate You”

Kate Stewart is a rising singer-songwriter from Maide Vale, West London. Not too long ago, she released a spectacular Valentine’s Day message to the ex, entitled, “Hate You,” via The Orchard/Sony Music.

Kate Stewart – “Hate You” music video

“You used to take my breath away, now I hate every breath you take. It’s kinda hard to admit it, but I felt like a weak a$$ woman. Oh yeah, I used to love when you hold me close. I can only take you in a small dose, yeah. It’s kinda hard to admit it but I cried for about two minutes. Wait a minute, I hate you, hate you, hate you, hate you. Call my girls and we go out and celebrate it. I hate you, hate you, hate you, hate you. You’ve been saying you ain’t sh*t since the day I met you.” – lyrics

The cinematic music video was creatively directed by the iconic, Betsy Johnson (stylist, fashion icon, creative director for “DONDA” Kanye West) and directed by Jack Bowden (Nike, HP, Primark, Boohoo, and Trivago). The stunning visuals were curated with a timeless touch and a thick aura of the speakeasy underworld.

Viewers observe Kate Stewart, the vocalist we have all been waiting for, dressed in an alluring custom-made leather corset dress piece, designed by Luis De Javier. Later, she performs in a lowly-lit barroom, to a group of vile, pig-like men with disfigured facial features and scar-like marks.

“You made excuses all the time. And I let you build me to break me down. You tried to tell me, I ain’t hear it. You was gonna leave right after you hit it.”

Kate Stewart - “Hate You” poster
Created by Federico Ariel Sánchez

‘Hate You’ gives a hypnotic and steady release of emotions, taking us through the journey from the end of a relationship to finding empowerment within ourselves. It is the musical alignment to that feeling of being “calm and collected” when reaching a place of truth and conviction, elated realization, and self-love.

“I’m so over it, and you know I ain’t gonna put up with that sh*t no more.”

Kate Stewart press photo
Photo by Cosmo Webber

“As my first release off my upcoming album, I chose to release this powerful single as the reintroduction of Kate Stewart and to show the power we hold as women. Following a rough relationship, there are times where you may feel low, but this song is a reminder that you are strong and that no man should be the reason for your downfall.” – Kate Stewart explained

‘Hate You’ contains confidence, freedom, female empowerment, and a little bit of resentment. Our new favorite f*** love tune is a hard, truthful, and relatable women’s anthem which reveals vulnerability, heartbreak, and finding yourself through the dark.

A sharp declaration of moving on, “Hate You” pushes empowerment within yourself and the female comradery. The remarkable tune also serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Kate Stewart’s upcoming EP, entitled, “You Had To Be There.” The project, which serves as the first part of an entire collection of music catharsis, ignites an intricate flame within each listener.

“I hear every story got two sides, my ugly truth – your beautiful lies.”

Kate Stewart press photo
Photo by Cosmo Webber

“Kate is a spit fire! She’s fearless and self-aware. It’s what I look for as a producer and writer. An artist who’s self-aware to be open-minded to try and explore new things. She’s been a dream to work with. Her hunger to win is inspiring and her voice can give you chills on the hottest summer day. I think she has all the ingredients to be very successful in this business and I feel blessed to be a part of her team.” – Swagg R’Celious explained

 ‘Hate You’ was orchestrated by a team of legends:

Kate Stewart – Bong Mines “Artist Talk” cover

Kate Stewart - Bong Mines Artist Talk cover

Kate Stewart grew up in an artistic family: her father (an entertainer), her mother (a dancer), and a brother who is a globally recognized and respected music producer and songwriter. It’s no surprise she followed in their footsteps.

Kate grew up doing musical theater and went to stage school in Chiswick, which was where she discovered her passion for the stage. The ultimate discovery was that as well as realizing the magnitude of her vocalist capabilities and strength. Deeply in love with singing, she moved forward with working as a recording artist. Kate cites Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, and Mariah Carey as musical inspirations. They inspired her earlier music and were the catalysts for her later love for music.

“Hate You” single

Kate Stewart - “Hate You” song cover art

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