Kate Stewart press photo
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The streets of “London Town” runs deep in Kate Stewart’s blood

Kate Stewart is a rising singer-songwriter from Maide Vale, West London. With the end of the year approaching, Kate Stewart is here to remind listeners that she is indeed a London girl through and through with her latest Reggae-inspired single, titled, “London Town,” via Sony Music and The Orchard. The song demonstrates that the streets of London Town run deep in Kate Stewart’s blood.

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“Mercy, oh mercy, move out my way. I am the princess, do what I say. Mercy, oh mercy, are you feeling brave? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Been repping the town from day, day, day, day. Need to keep it down with all the shade, it’s wild alright. You could never come take my crown, don’t test me now. I was born in West London town. Boy, you better not test me now. ‘Cause what goes around comes around.” – lyrics

‘London Town’ pays homage to Kate Stewart’s hometown. The self-confidence anthem will resonate well with listeners who own their power and aren’t afraid of anything. The track instantly pops off as an infectious and irresistible anthem with a mix of melodic and rhythmic sounds. Kate honors her roots and expresses her national pride with a twist, using a heavily inspired reggae flow that might make you do a double take at first.

“London Town” single

Kate Stewart - London Town Cover

“I grew up in West London, and I’m very passionate about where I come from. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been going to Notting Hill Carnival. It’s very close to my heart and I felt very inspired by that when I was writing this song. It has a lot of reggae influence in the production which I love, and when I listen to it, I think of Carnival.” – Kate Stewart explained

‘London Town’ has Kate closing out the year with her own personal love letter to the place that has made her the strong and confident woman she is today. The single follows an incredible year for Kate from being placed in editorial and playlist covers including Apple Music (New in R&B), Spotify (Just Dropped), and Tidal (Rising:R&B). Also, Kate has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, COLORS, L’Officiel, and Billboard.

Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart press photo
Photo by Cosmo Webber

Kate’s upcoming “You Had To Be There” EP is set to be released at the top of next year. The project is a storybook of seasons of love, self-love, and empowerment. Also, “You Had To Be There” is a collaboration, put together by Kate and a circle of music titans. Writers and producers include MNEK, Swagg R’Celious, Humble The Great, David Stewart, Callum Conner, Ryan Ashley, and Jeff Gitty.

About Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart press photo
Photo by Daniel Mutton

Kate Stewart grew up in an artistic family: her father was an entertainer, her mother a dancer, and her brother a globally recognized and respected music producer and songwriter. It’s no surprise she followed in their footsteps.

Kate grew up doing musical theater and went to stage school in Chiswick, which was where she discovered her passion for the stage. The ultimate discovery was that as well as realizing the magnitude of her vocalist capabilities and strength, she was deeply in love with singing and moved forward with working as a recording artist. Icons such as Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, and Mariah Carey inspired Kate’s earlier sound and were the catalysts for her later love for music.

“London Town” single

“You are stepping into my area, something’s got you feeling superior, ah yeah, ah yeah. Yes, there may be roses in this territory, but beware it’s gully. Very, very, gully.” – lyrics

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