Kate Stewart press photo
Photo by Hannah Grinham

Kate Stewart releases a stylish lyric video for her spectacular new single, entitled, “Numb”

Kate Stewart is a rising singer-songwriter from Maide Vale, West London. Not too long ago, she released a stylish lyric video for her spectacular new single, entitled, “Numb.”

Kate Stewart – “Numb” lyric video

“Another morning you next to me and I still feel lonely. Novocain to my heart, it’s broken. Tryin’ to move but my legs ain’t goin’ nowhere. Waters running, I’m here but my mind is wondering. A thousand kisses but I don’t feel nothin’. A million words but I don’t hear nothin’ at all. F*** trying to love in the middle, I gave my all when you didn’t. I pray someday you would get it, don’t know why I’m still here.” – lyrics

‘Numb’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who shares a boring and fading relationship with her significant other. Apparently, her heart is stuck dead in the middle of a love that’s haunted, and she kinda doesn’t want to be with her partner anymore. In a way, she feels she’s missing out on something entirely better. But being in limbo has a paralyzing effect on her. Later, she admits, she would rather “be a ghost in the room than leave” her partner.

‘Numb’ contains an end-of-a-relationship-based narrative, heartfelt lyrics, and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Beldina, CEE BLU, Colette Lush, and Kara Marni. The bittersweet tune also possesses drum-laden instrumentation flavored with a breezy contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “Numb” follows Kate Stewart’s smashing debut single, entitled, “Hate You,” which landed on notable playlists including Tidal (Rising: R&B), Apple Music (New in R&B), and Spotify (Just Dropped).

“Don’t know why I’m still here.”

Kate Stewart press photo
Photo by Hannah Grinham

“I didn’t think I’d ever be able to make an ode to such a toxic relationship but, I’m really glad I did. It’s odd for me to remember who I was back then and who I am now. I’m proud of myself for being able to grow past that and look back on that time with no resentment.” – Kate Stewart explained

Kate Stewart is an extraordinary artist and the vocalist we have all been waiting for. Her “Numb” single is the second installment of her upcoming EP, entitled, “You Had To Be There,” available in the Fall of 2022. The anticipated project is a storybook of seasons of love, self-love, and empowerment; collaborated and put together by Kate and a circle of music titans. Writers and producers include the legendary Swagg R’Celious, Humble The Great, David Stewart, Callum Conner, Ryan Ashley, and Jeff Gitty.

Kate Stewart – “Numb” single

Kate Stewart - “Numb” song cover art

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